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In keeping with +Brendan Farrell's #challengeoftheday , I'm getting back in the habit of circle sharing.

This circle is a work in progress, but is a list of people I've never met in person, but would absolutely love to. It is my HIRL circle.

The circle is a hodgepodge of interests ranging from tech, to amazing hangouters (I coined the phrase, leave me alone), to music, to Howard Stern. It's an amazing circle of active, funny, brilliant people, and one of my go-to circles in the morning.

If you're in the circle, I've shared it publicly, so feel free to reshare it. 
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Thanks for including me, +Shaun McLane!  You're awesome!  (And no, I'm not kissing please don't kick me out) :) 
I wish I was interesting enough (not so much)> if I could figure out a pic i may not be so boring (not ugly)
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