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I'm trying to start an Orlando #Resistance  circle. If you know anyone that should be in this circle, post them in the comments. Once we have a large circle, I'll share it.

Here's who I know of so far: +Jonathan Grubbs +Wayne Howard +Christopher Williams 

#ingress   #orlando  
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It's obvious we've got our work cut out for us. Enlightened has lit it up over the past few days.
I think the main thing we need to do is.... Wait! This channel isn't secure lol.
I live in Kissimmee/South Orlando but need an invite or I would help! :(
+Rafael Lopez I'll still add you. Invites seem to be rolling out pretty steadily these days.
Shaun make sure you figure out a way to verify they are in the Resistance before adding them to the circle if you don't know them or know someone who can vouch for them.
you could have them send you a screenshot of their Ingress Intell Map with showing the Faction chat opened with their screen name and email showing.
When I get an invite I will let you know with proof of joining the resistance.
i've requested an invite.. I'll let ya know :) 
Joining this, hopefully we can actually get some organization going.
Zack S
count me in
I was going to do the same thing for east Tennessee #enlightenment but I believe me and my wife are the only 2 people playing.
I got hit with the flu this morning, so I'm calling it a night. If anyone comments here tonight, I'll take care of it in the morning. Thanks to everyone involved so far.
Someone please explain all this. It looks like fun...
I could be in for it.

I have a game question: Are there two factions in fact, or is the Enlightened simulated? I would hate to be assigned to a game group that's opposed to all you attractive, intelligent people. Assuming, my invitation ever arrives.
+Chad MILLER you choose if you want to belong to the Enlightened or the Resistance after you complete your training.
Zack S
Right we also don't know who is good or evil yet....
+Kevin Ambrose I'll need to confirm you are in resistance by having you do a shout out to me in faction chat. Let me know when you're about to do it, and I'll jump on. My name is shaun on there.
Kevin is DrPlump. I'm sure you've seen his work all around Orlando. He also runs the Resistance Orlando Page.
+Wayne Howard I realized that after making the comment. He was already in the circle, so all is good.
And I realized that after as well lol
+Zack Stottlemyer We sort of already have it going over there. I'm an admin on that page, so I plan on using it for all discussions moving forward.
Zack S
ahh cool..
how long does it take before google replies with an invite?
Took like a week or two for me
Zack S
Just hit 2.5 anyone have any codes to share? Farming xmp is my biggest hurdle ATM
I just got in this morning, joined the Resistance. kathyell in Ingress.
Dammit! I keep trying to get an invite and having no luck! +Kathy Lischke , you have an invite to share?
I've been confirming everyone that I don't recognize. I just set the map to all of central fl, restrict chat to map, and go to faction.
Well, either I can't see my own messages in the Comm or they're not getting through. I tried to post in Faction chat, can you see it? My map's blacked out too, so there just might be something wonky with the app on my phone. Rafael, I may have some adds to spare but I'm not sure yet. I don't know how many we're given and I already promised a couple of friends that I'd give them one if I got in first. Waiting to hear back from them. 
Zack S
anyone got any codes? im getting stomped here
Codes go extremely quick these days. 
I too am resistance, and my name is Elmshire.
+Shaun McLane I just got my invite and joined the resistance. What do you need me to do to join the group?
Looking to join in the Orlando Ingress action. Still waiting on a key though, if any side finds extra, I am looking to join up.
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