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Shaun McLane

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Círculo de Bellas Artes - Busy intersection in Madrid, Spain

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#cityscape #madrid #spain #traffic #night #rolex #europe #longexposure
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Yes you do.
Dude I can't say anything though, I do too.
I've been all over the United States tenfold I suck at actually taking pictures because well normally I'm too busy.
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Shaun McLane

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Anyone need a Suzzy? She's all yours. 
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I got $5 on three days 😆
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Shaun McLane

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Really can't wait to work on the shots I took from Peru. This was taken in Huacachina, and it was maybe the coolest place I've ever seen.
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Shaun McLane

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A shot I took last weekend of the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin, Ireland. 
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Looks like a city in a bottle. 
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Shaun McLane

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For those who haven't already heard the news, my mom passed away on Thursday. She was an incredible and tough woman, and she will be missed by many. I've lost my biggest cheerleader.

Her death was sudden, and completely unexpected, but I was by her side when her heart took its last beat. 

Don't know the last time I felt this lost. I started a GoFundMe campaign ( to help cover arrangements, medical bills, and the other unexpected expenses that come with the loss of someone. It was a VERY difficult decision, and mom taught me not to put my hand out for help unless there was no other choice.

I made this video today to go along with the campaign, and I hope you'll take the time to watch it. Thank you for the incredible amount of support you all have shown over the last two days. Couldn't do this without the help of my friends and family.

GoFundMe page:

If you've already donated, thank you! I will reply to everyone, but I'm still handling tons of calls, and trying to keep her husband company.
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My sincere condolences 
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Shaun McLane

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A shot from the Pillbox Trail in Lanikai overlooking Kailua.
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Wow nice too photo Charing☺☺☺
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Shaun McLane

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Oh the memories...
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Memories lol.. Ya'll fools
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Shaun McLane

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Oh, pups are wonderful pillows and blankets! 
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Shaun McLane

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A shot looking over the dunes towards the Andes Mountains.
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Shaun McLane

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Time to play 50/50

The link below will be one of the following two things. It’s up to you whether you click it or not. 

Suicide bomber on hoverboard makes mistake (NSFW/L)


Kate Upton dancing (NSFW)

Click at your own risk:

Please don’t spoil it in the comments. #fiftyfifty

Let me know if you would like to be added to the 50/50 notification circle

h/t reddit
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Where is +Shaun McLane and why are we not seeing these posts anymore??
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Shaun McLane

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You guys put a huge smile on my face after a complete shit day. Love you guys, and really appreciate the card. Special thanks to +Karen Elaine  for going out of your way to find and send it. Just when I thought I didn't have any family left, you guys stepped up and reminded me that family is more than blood. 

+Ben Zaitz +Sho' Nuff +Crystal M +Kevin Douglas +Heather Manfredi +Angélica G​ +Marsha Reid 
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OK Titanic
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Shaun McLane

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Time to play 50/50

The link below will be one of the following two things. It’s up to you whether you click it or not. 

The result of face planting into barbed wire [NSFW/L]


Fox happy to see his owner [Not-NSFW]

Click at your own risk:

Please don’t spoil it in the comments. #fiftyfifty

Let me know if you would like to be added to the 50/50 notification circle

h/t reddit
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I took my chance!
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I'm a closet geek, and a native Floridian. I own a pool cleaning company in Orlando, but have worked most of my life as a licensed financial planner and a real estate broker.

My contributions to Google+

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Everything else about me - the long version:

My 7-year college career is pretty unique. I attended Auburn University (War Eagle!), Jacksonville University, University of North Florida, and about a week at Stetson University. All of that to major in music education, which never ended up happening.

I now own a very successful swimming pool service company in Orlando, but have worked as a financial planner for Prudential Securities (Series 6 and 7), and worked in the medical field with Blue Cross Blue Shield, where I ended up getting about 600 of my closest friends fired by creating a computer program that completely automated claims processing (2000 - VooDoo).

I also earned my real estate license, then real estate brokers license, and went on to start my own real estate firm. During the early to mid 2000s, I explored blogging and alternative marketing, and was asked to speak at different real estate events, and went on to open my very own social media company, where I offered social media coaching, and web/blog design. 

One passion I've had as a child is photography, and I ended up really falling in love with real estate photography. I enjoyed it so much, I opened the doors to Orlando Real Estate Photography in 2005, and we've been lucky enough to have been hired by mostly large marketing firms for high-end condos and luxury apartments. 

I love meeting others, which is why I post my phone number. If you're ever near the Orlando airport and want to grab a drink, give me a call or text me. 407-729-9695. 

Bragging rights
I created a video that was discussed on the Howard Stern show.
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May 22
Owner of Lake Nona Pools, and Ekday & Associates, Inc.
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    Owner/Principal Photographer, 2004 - 2012
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Clean motel with very friendly staff! Great location. Highly recommend.
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Met family for drinks. The hotel is very clean and the beach is nice.
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Only had a chance to walk around the outside, but it was a beautiful place.
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77 reviews
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Didn't stay in a room, but the lobby is nice. It's very busy.
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The store is clean and well organized. They have good prices, but customer service isn't great, and they only had one lane open for check out.
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reviewed 4 months ago