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Political Shaun:

In which I talk about Voter ID and voter purges (and the recent admission by a Republican about why these things are happening).

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Who didn't see *that* coming?
I didn't earlier in the year, but Republicans have pretty much exposed their hand over and over on every other issue in direct terms since 2010.  Now it just seems like they don't care.
Which could mean they're sick and tired of the pretense, or they know it's in the bag because they got a sweet deal with the vote counting machines' manufacturers.
Maybe.  To be fair, so long as money controls elections, it doesn't really matter who you vote for.  Republicans make a big deal out of Obama being some kind of socialist who will raise taxes and take away all our freedoms, but the truth is that there's very little evidence to suggest that he's anything more than a center-right politician.  Maybe centrist at best.  Progressive?  Not by a long shot.  Letting the Bush tax cuts expire is hardly a liberal thing to do, after all.
I don't know if a Democratic-controlled Congress would be all that different than the '07-'10 sessions after Citizens United, but I don't buy the idea that "it doesn't matter". Democrats are scared of pissing off voters, Republicans, and content owners (in no particular order; they used to be scared of unions), while Republicans are scared of churches and big corporations-- we like to think they're scared of minorities and gays, but in reality they don't give a rat's ass about them compared to what their core constituencies think about them. Money is but one thing that shapes what these parties do, and these other influences help explain why the GOP is so much crazier in both word and deed, and why they convince their voters that this sort of crazy is perfectly normal.
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