What's in your fridge?

Why is it that food almost always includes a best by/expiration date, but rarely includes information about how long it will stay fresh after opening? Sure, conditions may vary that will alter it, but temperature and moisture would alter the dates already on there as well.
Most people assume that since the expiration date hasn't passed, the food is still good... but that isn't the case. Not even close-- once the item is opened, the clock starts ticking; after a few short days, your leftovers can quickly turn into a recipe for food poisoning.

While doing my post-trip fridge clean-out, I stumbled upon this handy site that combines a bunch of sources and makes it easy to check by item. I previously used a few different grids, supplemented by one-off searches for missing items, but this seems to have most foods accounted for, even the barrel of cheese puffs you have been munching while gaming (don't worry, they last more than the few hours it takes you to down them).
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