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"One Hundred"
Wow-- a hundred days have gone by in the project!! I better start stepping up my game, making progress, and pushing more boundaries than I already have! I think I may need to find some lenses to play with if I want to branch out more... so far this project has been done with my kit lens.

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Jun C
+Sharon Strandskov or so you say! ;) one can always imagine a different scenario...
um, not that i'm imagining that... just sayin... :)
+Sharon Strandskov You've done well enough in the project so far that you could have held your head up high. :) I like the high-contrast effect, esp. the deep shadows around the eyes.
How do you find the book that you purchased +Sharon Strandskov? Is it helpful with photography tips? I just started reading it. See some useful information.
+Ralph Mendoza I will admit I haven't gone through it as much as I should-- thanks for the reminder! Glad you are finding it useful
Thanks +Sivarama Venkatesan I did have a couple shots with head held high, but I liked this one better. As you noticed, more shadows and contrast to work with.
+Lisa Bimmerz Thanks! (o: There are very few non-essential things that I think I have ever done every day for a year
Well keep it up, you're doing an awesome job! =)
Keep up the good work, and congrats on the milestone!!!
I'll add my congrats as well. I have enjoyed watching the pics you have posted and look forward to what else you have in store for us :) 
it's always nice to see a new interesting shot from you Sharon. Keep it up!
Pushing boundaries... That's exactly what I was telling +Jacob Dix about in his post celebrating 100 images. And I don't feel I have pushed enough boundaries in my own 366. Maybe in the next 266?

Oh and I'm not sure a new lens is the answer you're looking for. Sure, a wider or longer lens could help you see things differently. But you could also look for other ways to see with your current gear. Either way, here's to another 266! o/
Great image +Sharon Strandskov . Yeah, need to push myself more. I've been doing a lot of playing, but challenging myself at some things will do me some good. +Thomas Paris gave me the SOOC suggestion. Since I'm a poor student, means using what I've got. I agree with Thomas that more equipment isn't necessarily what's needed. Our own eyes are the first lens, and the point of it all. If I don't affect people, I don't feel I've succeeded. I noticed you affected (in part) +Jun C

Glad you and some other familiar faces commenting here are on the project still.
+Thomas Paris Glad to hear you and +Jacob Dix are doing the project as well, it is a pretty cool experience. I do hope to use more SOOC shots (I would say maybe 20 or so of my shots so far have been, and another 20-30 only had things like adjustments on the exposure).

I do know that equipment isn't that important, as my camera is the same one I have had since 2003, same with the lens. I might end up doing the whole thing with one lens, we shall see-- there is plenty more to capture out there and more experimenting to do! I was just thinking it might give me some capabilities I don't currently have, as the few times I borrowed lenses, I really enjoyed switching it up.
(and I do have one other lens to play around with, a 50mm)
I'm doing the whole project SOOC, as a way to force myself to work on my composition skills. And lighting, every now and then, though I'm very limited as my only powerful lights are flashes and I can't use them with this camera. Back to the basics, you know? Besides, making one image every day sounded too easy. I had to add some restrictions ;)
+Thomas Paris I don't have any lighting, so trying to create the lighting I want has certainly added a challenge for me. I will have to look through your project, as I think it is great to do it all SOOC! That is my goal by the fall. I have been joking with +Greg Molyneux that next year we are going to just take one photo every day for the project... even if we take more that day, only the one earmarked for the project will be usable, no matter how it came out.
+Sharon Strandskov The single shot discipline is going to yield a lot more, uh, shall we say, abstract photographs... accidental or otherwise.
Jun C
Ha! thanks +Jacob Dix >:/ heheh... j/k... i actually do like +Sharon Strandskov 's photos... moving, emotional, thought provoking, etc... :)
i need to get back in the groove... i haven't been consistently uploading photos so i'm behind about a week or so...
I'm in awe of your 366 set so far, +Sharon Strandskov. Your consistency over the first hundred days has been outstanding, and I have loved seeing what you come up with each day. Keep up the great work!
When you start thinking about which lenses to buy you are going to start having money problems :)

Have you taken all your photographs with the kit lens? What's the range on it and what are you thinking of getting next?
+Terrence Lui Oh, no, I won't be buying any lenses any time soon, was just hoping to borrow some from friends to play around with for a day here and there!
The kit lens is 18-55
+Sharon Strandskov , i see. Well if we get to hang out in NJ in a couple of months you can use mine if you like. :) None of them are too fancy but I have a good set of lenses that gives me lots of range and possibilities.
Thanks +Terrence Lui Regardless of lenses, I better get to see you two when you are out here-- you will be 15 minutes from my house!
One image a day +Sharon Strandskov, +Greg Molyneux? Now, that sounds challenging. Though come to think of it, that's more or less what people had to do back in the days. That would certainly force you to develop your visualisation skills. Ansel Adams would be happy ;)
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