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Sharon Stevenson
Curious, challenging, intense with a smile, loves to see people think and learn!
Curious, challenging, intense with a smile, loves to see people think and learn!

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Spectacular photo. Deserves a prominent place in homes, an appropriate business, etc. Love it. 
The skies finally cooperated and allowed me up into the mountains to do some photography. I had a hunch the conditions would present some good opportunities and it worked out pretty well.

Here's one.

I want ALL my friends to sign up for National Geographic Education!! Go find it here in FB!! 

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Anybody with me on this: Re "Publishers are keenest to explore the product development which Google promises will aim to “increase revenue, traffic and audience engagement”.
   A suggestion: Newspapers need to associate with each other forming "bundles." Readers could subscribe to the bundle of their liking and within that bundle could specify say 5 topics of interest. Each day they would get an email listing of articles their "bundle" had published on those topics. I'd gladly pay something reasonable for that service!

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I'm in Peru but this bothers the hell out of me. Shameful.

Does anyone have a clue as to why SO many publishers and authors on the web use an awful "grey" font in contrast to black fonts which Google + will not allow me to show here? The grey is getting dimmer and dimmer it seems and therefore harder and harder to skim successfully. Any ideas?

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At last, at last unrevealed sexiness.

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A fine narrative about the strange forces that we don't recognize as such until...  Old friend and colleague, Chuck Richardson reveals much and in doing so cautions us once again, once again, re assumptions and their reputation as the mother of ....well, ya know. Most enjoyable and enlightening revelations, Chuck. Re the old song....getting to know you.....

If Google, i.e. Larry Page or whomever is now making decisions, thinks that zapping Gmail notifier from Firefox to force me to go rushing, downloading and then clinging to Chrome just to get my gmail notifications, uh, their focus group results have deceived them, I fear.

This new plainly coercive tactic only makes me even more suspicious of LP's leadership. I do not believe it would have happened under Eric Schmidt. I have always been a great supporter and appreciator of Google's many "gifts" to us of the web community, i.e. Gmail, Calendar, SketchUp- before they sold it, Scholar, YouTube, Maps, etc., from which services Google makes its ad-based tremendous profit but also provides us with extremely useful web tools.

But trying to blackmail loyal fans into using Chrome by taking the gmail notifier off of Firefox is just a bit more than I can stomach. I have used Firefox for years and years and will not change over to Chrome! Maybe Google should just buy Firefox and destroy it to make me switch, eh?

This is a highly counterproductive scheme and makes me think that Google is getting more desperate (or dumb) on some psychological level. I do NOT think that Eric Schmidt would have allowed this belligerant move. Is 'what Goo giveth, Goo can take away at any moment without warning' the new mantra, basically saying, "Honey, I can screw you when and how I want unless you use what I want you to use!" the new mantra and future of Google?

Will the next step be If you don't use Chrome, you can't use Gmail? Desperation reigns. What a shame.

I now realize that I must seriously consider where to switch now for my email, since Google cannot be trusted to continue even their most popular programs or adjunct services for anything other than their own broswer. Perhaps back to Apple's Mail at this point for us Mac people is a now the most viable alternative.

I hope Eric Schmidt returns as a more hands on CEO than LP, and who truly did seem to consider users first. 
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