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Here on King Street
by Lisa Jain Thompson
Here on King Street,
The footprints of the slain linger,
Several pastors, state senators,
A librarian who studied the Bible,
The ache of poverty and the Old Confederacy
Have their foot on the neck of Charleston;
Buildings all around being torn downed and demolished,
Decades of wedding receptions, graduation parties and crab cracks
Gone in an instant and the wrecking ball: just pray
And South Carolina will be O.K. but not really, not ever
As long as the battle flag of the confederacy flies in the dark hearts of men.

Lisa Jain Thompson​ (2015) #news #lisajain #poetry #starpoet #civilwar #war #memory #language #literature
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Sharon Sinéad Gaughan

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Politics Are Irrelevant 
by Lisa Jain Thompson 

Peace is the time it takes
To reload your rifle.
— Bob Dylan, June 1984, RS Magazine 

The bikers have arrived,
      The Rolling Thunder veterans,
Patches from battles no one remembers,
Medals once given now long forgotten,
Names on a wall that few ever glance at
From a war many choose freely to disremember.

Still the bikers, on Memorial Day, come
Less their brothers in arms died in vain,
When the last biker is gone,
      The last engine turned,
Who shall honor our fallen comrades?
Who will ride for those who can no longer
Or will we abandon them once more to the ages?

LJT: 2015
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Sharon Sinéad Gaughan

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Flying Bald Eagle

I took this last November when bald eagles returned back to Washington State. It was 21F/-6C, very cold on the water shooting eagles

  #hqspbirds +HQSP Birds  #BeautifulBeautifulBirds
#eastsidecindy   #baldeagle      #birds   #birdsphotography  
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Sharon Sinéad Gaughan

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I've been struggling  recently with pain and severe fatigue. Sometimes I forget and push myself too far outside of the rather limited basket of energy or energy budget for a day.  It bites me back hard sometimes. Often browsing and reading a little in a relaxing way helps me to recover.  In fact,  just today my internet browsing led me to getting lost in a swarm of links surrounding this incredible, uplifting, and thoughtful curiosity and idea generating tool named "Brain Pickings".  Soon into that forest of urls  my path turned to a set of very intriguing essays and videos that distracted me at this link within it.           Here, I found this memorable and recent short video from Jane Goodall about her understanding that Science, at least in her area of primate research, needs to be meaningful in a personal kind of way and not as objectified and personally distant as many may think.  It is more of and I, thou understanding of chimp behavior and relationships and how they learn as animals that are extremely close to us genetically.  You'll want to read through this piece here to understand what Jane Goodall has gleaned from life and what is important to her.    That's this creative journey of writing at:
Where you have just found this video embedded. is a little bit hard to navigate, but a good part of not ending up wallowing in not feeling good is becoming distracted with curiosity and then engaged and far away in the silent lounge areas of my mind.

Where would we be if it weren't for all the people around us and their endless creativity, good humor, and willingness to be kind to us just when we need it?  In the same vein of attribution, where would I be without my cats and my Mary?  I had dropped one of my very strong pain pills this morning and turned the bedroom inside out looking for it.  Then, I locked the door and said to myself, "At least I won't have to take a cat to the vets for finding it under the bed."   Some good news at least.   Mary came back home from work around 5:30 p.m.  and I told her about my lost pill.  I asked her to help me.   She searched under the bed some and then she turned my camping bag of medicines inside out.  She found the lost pill embedded in a little fold between the zipper and the upper section of my camping bag.  No wonder I didn't find it.   The stow away pain pill.  Ha.....   I thanked her for another set of eyes and my day was a lot better then.   

I'll share one more source with you all.   This comes from a Nova offshoot named The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers.  There are several hours of short videos bringing the human dimensions of science to life.  Perhaps the most enjoyable one to me has been a delightfully surprising video by Dr. Maria Klawe, a brilliant mathematician and President of Harvey Mudd College with a creative outlet, painting, that adds vision and depth to her mathematical problem solving.    Maria Klawe: The Proof Is in the Painting     That is then part of five separate short video's on Communicating Science To Girls:     Now I've run full circle and you see why it's so very difficult, in fact, impossible to stay deterred from life for very long.   I hope you enjoy this short excursion.   Remember, we have only to nudge forward a few steps at a time to have many enjoyable times and rewarding days.

#creativity #lifestyle #enjoyinglife #findingoneself #meaningfulcareer #meaningoflife  
"Only when our clever brain and our human heart work together in harmony can we achieve our true potential." The question of what sets us
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Sharon Sinéad Gaughan

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StarPoet Newsletter XV:XXXVII (scotland) 
Lisa Jain Thompson, (07 September 2014 C.E.) 

Every Man Dies 

Not every man really lives. 

— William Wallace 

Please don't tear our small nation apart,
The British PM so spoke to the Scots
To which the Scots responded you stole
Our independence you son of a bitch 
And now you have the gall  to pretend
We've always been close friends.

We come here with no peaceful intent, but ready 
For battle, determined to avenge our wrongs
And set our country free from those who would be
Our masters: this time we will dance and our
Freedom will be won.  

We are not and never have been your subjects.

— Lisa Jain Thompson (September 2014) 

Unraveling The Knots 
another passerby 

Neither Jewish, nor Christian, nor Muslim, 
Nor Sikh nor Buddhist nor Hindu nor even Baha'i 
Possesses the one true path to salvation:
There are many ways up the mountain, assuming 
The mountain actually exists, of course, 
And the jury is still out on that.

What we see and interpret as a rugged mighty peak 
May be little more than an illusion on a hot summer day; 
Life is full of disappointments, big and small, 
So no one should be surprised if God actually is the 
Little man behind the screen, pulling strings and making 
It all up as he goes along, counting the years until 
His retirement. Unless of course, he's a she, which means 
She'll be stuck having us all over for dinner on the holidays. 

— Lisa Jain Thompson (September 2014) 

Click on the titles to read the complete issue at

#news #lisajain #poetry #starpoet #Scotland #Independence #PopeFrancis #TELawrence #RevGabrieleAmorth #RevCesarTruqui #GeorgeWBush #lesbians #demons #WilliamWallace #OscarWilde #language #literature #newsletter #sharongaughan
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Sharon Sinéad Gaughan

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StarPoet Newsletter XV:XXXV (scatter) 
Lisa Jain Thompson, (31 August 2014 C.E.) 

Flood Waters 
a failure of our collective judgement 

The world moves too fast for the President, 
He prefers the staid pace of university 
Where discussions stretch on for years in the journals 
And resolve themselves over pizza and beer; 

A world where points are scored with irony and sarcasm,
A coup is taken with intellectual scorn, 
Where planning ahead means sometime the next semester 
And the primary mission is securing tenure. 

— Lisa Jain Thompson (August 2014) 

But For All That 
everywhere around us 

We could find a vaccine for Ebola,
We could rid the world of the Islamic State,
We could restructure the dysfunctional
Social strata in Ferguson, throwing money
After money after money at the problem,
We could clean up the Veteran's Administration,
Redo Obamacare so it finally gives correct answers
And becomes financially auditable at last,
We could address the great western drought,
Rebuild all our worn out highways and bridges,
We could write rational gun laws and revise federal taxes,
We could probably even resolve the reclined seat problem 
In passenger aircraft and bring back recess in school,
But for all that we would need a President. 

— Lisa Jain Thompson (August 2014) 

Click on the titles to read the complete issue at

#news #lisajain #poetry #starpoet #JoanRivers #RFK #language #literature #newsletter #sharongaughan
Fairfax, VA, USA. August is gone and school is beginning, and while I still summer, I no longer attend classrooms for schooling. A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books. Joan Rivers lies in a medically induced coma in a hospital bed in New York City. Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.
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Sharon Sinéad Gaughan

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Foggy Mountain Path by Ken Wolter
Foggy mountain path in the forest
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Sharon Sinéad Gaughan

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Spring Training Begins Anew 
by Lisa Jain Thompson

Today is not so great for Baseball,
Ernie Banks has died,
As much as Ruth meant to the Yankees,
Banks, to the Cubs, meant more.

The Diamond is not as green today,
The Sky is not nearly as blue,
A part of our American heritage
Has vanished from our land,

Ernie Banks has died.

Somewhere on this pale blue world,
The sun is shining brightly,
A band is playing, a crowd is cheering,
The smell of half-smokes rises.

Ernie Banks has died.

Somewhere a brand new ball is flying,
Somewhere they still play two,
But ashes to ashes, Ernie Banks has died,
Pulling the tears from our eyes.

Lisa Jain Thompson
January 23, 2015 
Go Nationals 

#news #lisajain #poetry #starpoet #ErnieBanks #baseball #WashingtonNationals #language #literature #newsletter #sharongaughan
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Sharon Sinéad Gaughan

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StarPoet Newsletter XV:XXXIX (cic) 
Lisa Jain Thompson, (28 September 2014 C.E.) 

That Reservation At Cooperstown 
hey, he brought up the metaphor 

The Commander in Chief has the tendency
Of hitting gracefully arching fly balls
That end up pulling left of the foul pole
Intermixed with hard hit line drives that
Scatter everyone in his own dugout while
Generating oohs and aahs from the home crowd;
And, as always, as are many who pretend
To be the next Aaron or Ruth, he is 
A much better hitter in Batting Practice
Than he is during actual game conditions
Where his curious but persistent inability 
To recognize a big league curve ball, 
And his deep-rooted habit of never swinging 
At a pitch until the count has grown full, 
Tragically limits his effectiveness as a 
Major League ballplayer. 

— Lisa Jain Thompson (September 2014) 

Music Player 
towards a new theology 

And when I die,
How do I pass my MP3s on?
When I exit into the cloud,
Does the music stop
Or does it exist eternally
In some seldom visited
Virtual reality?

Progress after progress,
My questions remain unresolved,
Do I believe the consoling comforts
That tell me I will continue
After my flesh grows old and rotten,
Or do I believe what my eyes and brain
Tell me?

No one gets out of here alive
So why should my MP3s? 

— Lisa Jain Thompson (September 2014) 

Click on the titles to read the complete issue at

#news #lisajain #poetry #starpoet #GeorgeCarlin #baseball #WashingtonNationals #Obama #language #literature #newsletter #sharongaughan
Fairfax, VA, USA. October. The World Series and Halloween. Snow in the Poconos where a cop killer hides. Autumn suits us well, a month or so from the November elections. We seem to be back in Iraq and the Mid-East. Makes you wonder why we thought it was a good idea to leave in the first place.
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Sharon Sinéad Gaughan

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StarPoet Newsletter XV:XXXVIII (jobs) 
Lisa Jain Thompson, (21 September 2014 C.E.) 

Job Descriptions 
with jaundiced eye 

If you were an alpha male
(Or, at least, you think you are)
You climb up escalators small and large
To demonstrate your masculine prowess.

If you are a radical fem,
Full of anger and bitterness,
You would dislike both men and women
For accepting sexual dimorphism.

If you were a soldier or a sailor,
Fighting to defend hearth and nation,
You would risk your life for god and country, 
Pinning ribbons and medals on your chest afterwards.

If you were a bright liberal light,
Progressive in your hate for capitalism, 
You would believe big business is evil 
And Marx was right except in the details.

If you were a staunch conservative,
Firm in your beliefs and politics,
The country would be enroute straight to hell 
While the president fiddles and flummoxes.

If you were a poet observer,
Full of wit and educated vigor,
You would be amused by humanity's foibles, 
Finding fault with almost everyone. 

— Lisa Jain Thompson (September 2014) 


Earthworm dying on the sidewalk cement,
Too far gone for the robins to care,
The birds prefer their food live gobbled
Than slowly tortured and freeze-dried
Like some evil-eyed Jihadist terrorist. 

— Lisa Jain Thompson (September 2014) 

Click on the titles to read the complete issue at

#news #lisajain #poetry #starpoet #baseball #TeresaOfAvila #CottonMather #UmbertoEco #GraemeGalton #ClarenceDarrow #WashingtonNationals #WalterJohnson #Scotland #language #literature #newsletter #sharongaughan
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Sharon Sinéad Gaughan

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StarPoet Newsletter XV:XXXVI (mourning) 
Lisa Jain Thompson, (07 September 2014 C.E.) 

Time Passes 
if not me, then who? 

Chase them to the Gates of Hell? 
How the fuck are we going to do that 
When he won't even let us leave
Through the front gate of our base!? 

— Unidentified Special Forces Operative, Iraq 

What if World War III started
And the President refused to admit it,
What if no one in the White House would tell him
"We're at war, sir, whether you like it or not." 

There is no blinking to the fact that our people, 
Our territory, our interests are in danger,
You must tell the American People the threat is real,
We must take arms once again to defend ourselves
Whether I would spend the money on something else
Or not.  You must tell them, sir, that our situation 
And that of our allies is quickly becoming grave. 

Unsheath and unleash the Armed Service's might,
The dogs of war bare their teeth all around us,
Their foul deeds fill the earth with carrion men
Lying still alive in their bloody graves,
The stench of dead and decaying flesh engulfs us
And yet you still say not yet, not yet.
Get thee apart and weep if you cannot act
— It's time we go kill the bad guys.

— Lisa Jain Thompson (September 2014) 

Canine Rite and Ritual 

We have rain,
We have thunder and lightning,
We have a smart dog who goes to ground
In the basement when the heavens rumble:
She'll be back up shortly after
The gods are no longer angry with her.

She has her own explanations 
For natural phenomenon
And who's to say she's wrong?
She appeases the storm
By showing respect and deference
And the storm soon stops
Rattling the sky above her.
From her viewpoint, the ritual works,
She has exorcised the demon
Who was threatening her. 

— Lisa Jain Thompson c. 2014 CE 

Click on the titles to read the complete issue at

#news #lisajain #poetry #starpoet #LetsTalk #JoanRivers #WorldWarIII #GeorgeClooney #demons #language #literature #newsletter #sharongaughan
Fairfax, VA, USA. The summer lingers, humid, hot and wet. As I am not the Kings Toady, neither am I his Fool. They would have me whipped for speaking true. Summer's not yet gone if wild geese fly in that direction. I'll speak a prophecy ere I go ... This warm night turns us all to fools and madmen.
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Sharon Sinéad Gaughan

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StarPoet Newsletter XV:XXXIV (scotus) 
Lisa Jain Thompson, (24 August 2014 C.E.) 

Why Is A Lady 
a brave new world awaits us 

Why is a lady too gentle to climb a tree,
Skip a stone across a river,
Fly a jet and strafe the enemy
Or go out on night patrol with her buds?

If she can handle a rifle and a pistol,
If she's well-belted in various hand to hand,
Why should she be restricted to home and tent
Simply to make gentle the ways of men.

Certainly, if she is not pregnant,
If she is fit, well trained and disciplined,
She can carry out the mission and take out the objective
And she won't be distracted by an erection. 

— Lisa Jain Thompson (August 2014) 

Theories Abound 
filling in the dots 

Theories abound:
She was a random improbability,
A near genetic duplicate of the Tenth Muse
Sprung again upon the world,
Others less grounded in reality suggest
She was Sappho herself brought upstream
By a Time Lord for reasons only known to himself;
Some said she was was really Walt Whitman's 
Great-Great-Grandaughter come honestly by her profession
Through her well secreted bloodlines after he slept
With a woman for comfort during the Civil War;
Then there were those who supposed she was
Shakespeare's Dark Lady, convinced that the Enterprise
Carried her forward through the centuries
Until she somehow escaped back into the present;
That she was an alien, a stranger among us,
Who took up writing after her spacecraft crashed;
A transgenic sport touched by the Gods
For their own mysterious purposes in an Age of YouTube
And quickly passing interests.

The poet herself doesn't know:
She arrived on Planet Earth with her skillset intact,
Bless from birth with a love of words and writing;
But I am here, at the start of a new century,
Doing what I must before I vanish once again
Into the timestream.
Remember us. 

— Lisa Jain Thompson (August 2014) 

Click on the titles to read the complete issue at

#news #lisajain #poetry #starpoet #GeorgeWashington #AnnieOakley #Ike #MildredLoving #RonaldReagan #language #literature #newsletter #sharongaughan
Fairfax, VA, USA. The SCOTUS stayed the Federal Appeals Court decision that a state ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. But Chief Justice Roberts does not want to be best remembered for making another Dred Scott Decision. The time has come to make right what we have so long made wrong.
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