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If your Android phone has NFC, it's not just for mobile payments like Google Wallet. Check out my list of ways to use NFC tags to create real life shortcuts
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Thanks for the tip and detailed video on this... I am definitely going to try this out...
+Michael Lettner I think you need 1k tags for complex tasks (sending sms/email/turning on-off wifi etc.) and smaller tags for simple tasks such as opening a url etc.
this is a great video! but i wonder is there any extra requirement for phones besides NFC function. for example, i hv a galaxy nexus with NFC, of course. but i cannot BEAM contacts, photos etc. to galaxy s3. in this video u used galaxy s3. could you explain a bit is the nfc tag also working with galaxy nexus? thanks! +Sharon Vaknin 
We can't have #wallet  because Verizon At&t and Sprint won't let us have it. I'm sick of being at their mercy.
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