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I finally wandered into the world of Tasker and I am very impressed. Not the sexiest app in the world, but it does what it promises: to make your life a whole lot easier. 
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Thanks for the tips! I will have to buy this and try it out. I got some NFC tags and they have been great (and fun to try out). I will do the book charger once I figure out what book I want to re purpose. 
+William Brine I noticed that when I was programming some NFC chips that I could use tasker. Just to get an idea, what kind of these do you use them for together (that just an NFC chip itself can't do).
I found this a few months ago and was very satisfied with it
My favorite and most used app. Android wouldn't be the same without Tasker.
+Brandon Petaccio Backup the .apk file, go into the backup with a file manager like Astro or ES, extract the icons into their own folder and use the gallery to choose the icon (from Tasker.) A little extra work but worth it to have everything themed right. It's also useful if you ever stumble on a theme you like that isn't compatible with your launcher. Just dissect it and use what you want.
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