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I go to an iPhone forum and people are maniacally discussing rumors. I go to an Android forum and people are exchanging tips and experiences.

I think I get it now. 
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The Android community is indeed pretty awesome.
well, ur post really tells the difference between the two allies. lol...
So I need to start a forum for tips on starting rumors...  Got it.  ;)
Welcome to Android. We like the fact that you're here more than we like your device. Though, that's pretty cool too, isn't it? Have you rooted it yet? Personally I like the GO suite, which you can use without rooting. :)
iOS is so far behind and the iPhone fans are looking for a good reason to hang on.
Yep.  There is a definite culture difference between the iOS and Android communities.  Generally speaking, iOS "Just Works(tm)"  for what most people want to do.  There aren't very many surprises and everything works like expected.  But then, if you want off of the beaten path, it's often difficult (or impossible) to do that.  Android, meanwhile, is inconsistent and often unintuitive.  It also has a lot of ways to do the same thing.  Combine this, and it's natural that a community would form around helping each other out.  But then you can take it even farther.  Android carries on a long Open Source tradition of allowing people to do whatever they want.  This brings in the hordes of people that want to find the latest and greatest new thing that they can do, and communities form around that.

iOS forums mostly focus on rumors because what else is there to talk about?  Everybody already knows how to do everything it does and the answer to "how to I do alternative X" is usually "you can't".
Saw your video on the App "Tasker". Can you let me know where I can find those other profile examples you talked about?
It gets worse, everytime I read a review of a current android phone or tablet the next thing you see is that the next (vaporware) iPhone will have the same thing or some fantasy feature. I seems that android phones don't compete with the current iPhone but the next one with God knows what features.
it's simply because +Android is a passion and people who are using it feel the good taste it has!!!
Ooh! seems like we need a rumors forum for Android :D
"I love my iPhone!". That was me before I got a droid. 
I had the total opposite experience you did Sharon. The Android forums I visited seemed like a bunch of entitled people just complaining and the iOS forums were people excited about something new where everyone will be on the same page with one version of the software working on all the same phones. Android still has a long way to go before it catches up to iOS. If Microsoft keeps on track Android is going to lose a lot of the market share to them as well no matter how many versions of Android they name after candy or food.
Android is all about me where as an iPhone is about ..ahmm ..that you can afford one :P
(my first comment on G+)
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