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#IfIHadGlass I'd have a tool that would change the way I work at CNET. I'd live stream DIYs. Shoot and share photos of the latest tablet, hands-free. Hangout while I hack the S3? Sure thing. All the while, the world will join me discovering just how far Glass can go.
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Sharon, the today's version of MacGyver. 
Beauty and brains. Yeah, she's a beast. 
I'm not out enough to warrant having a phone do all those thing. But then I'll be 70 years old in a few more months and am not planning on going anywhere until God willing our 55th.class reunion in 2016. I do have a cell phone but use it sparingly and sometimes not for days. It will take photos and can do text but most of the time I am on the main desktop or watching the television at night or I can use the Kindle or laptop. And with G+ can make phone calls for free.
If you had Glass, everyone on the sixth floor would be a little bit more perplexed. 
Oh yeah? Maybe I wanted to be one of those 8000...haha just kidding! Hope you get a pair! :)
some presenter at the Oscars should have worn a pair, and we could see what they see looking into that huge auditorium !
Great entry Sharon, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
Go Sharon! I'd love to see Glass in that use case.
+Sharon Vaknin i have a S3 and the famous sudden death ...kill it! jajajajaj sorry about the redundancy, y can fix it? any idea or path that you can tell me?
+Project Glass, please give +Sharon Vaknin a pair. The benefit to the world as a result would far outstrip anything else. Live-streamed DIY tutorials would be THE BEST.
Sharon, You will look cute wearing Google glass :) 
I would love to see you DIY and cooking through your eyes.
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