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Sounds like "Mini" is going to be the buzz word in Q4.

The S3 Mini isn't just smaller than its big bro -- it's also got a slower processor and less-advanced camera. All the specs are listed in this article.

Previously, I considered the S3 to be the iPhone 5's biggest competition, but I wonder if this one poses an even greater threat. 4" seems to be the perfect size.
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Size does matter, i don't want small ones, i want big one.
A kind of different kettle of fish this mini thingy
The only downside to the mini is that it's not lte. Really good device when your buying off contract.
I like the publicity for these Samsung galaxy phones. Outstanding work. Hitting the fronts on both ends. 
This pos will hurt Galaxy S3 brand image. Sad.
Maybe not, I think this mini release of the Samsung GS3 is meant to compete with the iPhone 4s?  Does anyone know how it stacks up against the 4s spec wise?  It would be a nice alternative to an iPhone 4s, perhaps it comes in at $99.99?
Either I buy pants with bigger pockets or phones become the size of phones again. I'm all for 'mini'.
Hey I am not complaining about the 4inch size it is the spec that I am not digging. I wish they had put all the latest and greatest spec in 4inch size and price it like a high end phone.
need to know how to share file with the new Kindle Fire HD 7" and your PC...thank you
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