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Finally, finally! Best Buy might be getting its act together. For years now, it's simply been a showroom for cheap sites like Amazon and Newegg. I know first-hand that customers will come in, get a little hands-on time with a product, and then go online to purchase it.

Now we're hearing that this holiday season, Best Buy will match But I'm wondering: is this enough to make you shop there? Does the in-store experience offer more than what you get online (like reviews and forums)?
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Who are you? ;)
Its a good idea, but it probably is only a short term solution to Best Buy's problems. Amazon does not have the physical storefront presence Best Buy has, so of course their overhead costs to run Amazon is far less than that of Best Buy. For this to work, Best Buy might need to bring what we do at home into their stores, that is provide online access (like free WiFi to connect to or instore tablets for customer use) were we can actually check their prices and compare with Amazon, Newegg et al right there in the store and then we might very well buy the item rather than go home and order it online. 
Yeah, For me Best buy is like a showroom for Newegg/Amazon. In my opinion, they simply can't match Aamazon price because of the cost associated with store operation and manpower but if they can than I might start a direct deposit to best buy and move near the store :)
Nope, who cares what that kid off the street with the blue shirt thinks about that widget. They are there to sell you an unnecessary service plan and an over priced cable.

I really dont need the showroom to touch the products anyway
Ever since Amazon started charging sales tax in CA, I've noticed prices between them and Best Buy have been very similar, at least for higher ticket items.  I've actually bought a few things from Best Buy now because of that, making me reconsider keeping my Amazon Prime membership.
I think Best Buy probably needs to do this, but I wonder about the long term viability of the approach.  After all, Best Buy does have the additional expense of maintaining its extensive network of retail stores and staff.  Lately most of what Best Buy has been doing is shrinking the retail stores' floor space and looking to smaller offshoots like Best Buy Mobile.  In the long term would they we better off with fewer, larger Destination stores (e.g., like Frys) or blanketing the country with smaller stores and offshoots (e.g., like Radio Shack)?  Maybe there is a middle path here, but it's not apparent to me that model has worked for anyone.
I live in Anchorage, AK. When I need something fast, I usually end up at Best Buy. Unfortunately, when I see the price difference, I usually end up walking out in disgust. It isn't that the price is greater at a brick and mortar, it is that the price is 30% greater. Since CompUSA closed, (it might be my imagination) it seems like I am paying more because Best Buy feels they are the victor and can charge for the convenience of shopping at their physical locations. We don't have a Frye's anywhere nearby. I don't feel they have to match online prices, because I do calculate what shipping and convenience will cost me, but they definitely have to bring that convenience premium down to between 5-10%.
I hope so. I went in yesterday to buy a cable and was frustrated at the 400% markup. Amazon prime to the rescue. I don't want price matching. I want to be charged a fair amount for a product. Each time I price match it reminds me of the other ways your ripping me off. 
This is smart for Best Buy, but only one piece to the puzzle. Their new "connected" stores will also help on service. Best Buy should try same day delivery from their like is testing in Minneapolis. They are also trying to leverage their Geek Squad in Target stores as a test in Denver. But will all this be enough? Amazon can't match the service that Geek Squad can offer.
Yes, getting to actually "play" with the product before I buy makes a huge difference. I've been burned before by internet purchases. This will no doubt be a good decision for Best Buy.
Avoid driving, parking, lines and sales folk nagging at me.....yeah, i'll buy online anyway
no but Amazon may be forced to tax soon like it should always have been doing
If a major retail chain is transforming the way they do business to stay in the mix of things and at the same time changing there reputation for poor customer service bye providing the consumer with a knowledgeable staff. They are working as a team and addressing the revamp as a whole. The best tech undef one roof who wants to wait for there product they pricematch amazon, walmart, target, and other major retail stores online buy has a great web site they usally ship to the store for free
Make since, one of the many reason why I hate the government is they will force to charge customer taxes. I may go to best buy and get the stuff. Instant gratification.
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