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The invitation is finally here! So far, here's what we think Apple will announce, in order of likeliness: iPad Mini, 13" Macbook Pro Retina, Mac Mini, iMac. (I'm personally hoping they'll announce new iMacs -- it's been years since the last refresh!)
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Where do you think the price point is going to fall for the iPad Mini/iPod Touch XL?  Do you think they'll be in the competitive 7" tablet market, or do you think they'll price themselves out?

On my end, taking the price points of their current products into the equation, I don't see how they'd price it lower than the current iPod Touch is going for.  The only price point that I think makes sense for this given their other products is to start at $350, but even that's a problem because it's so close to the starting price of the iPad 2.
Maybe it's a stripped down iPad rather than a mini version?
Would love to see a retina mbp13"!
No I don't think so, but that leak pretty much means 99% confirmation I guess
Media mart of all people to have iPad mini prices!? HA! 
Man... it'd be awesome if I can actually afford to buy mbp 13" retina display :)) 
Apple knows the future is in small portables and if they are smart they will have a price point to match the Nexus 7 if not the product will sell but be toast 2-3 months down the line. I got a Nexus 7 16 gig and now that they are releasing a 32 I'm in upgrade heaven. 8 gig iPad mini is just a stupid gimmick to get cash from people who will complain about memory after the 1st month of downloads, pictures and video.
Hah +Sharon Vaknin I'm waiting for the same ... Planning to buy my first mac but don't want to invest in an 'old' iMac. According to several rumours there's a good chance we'll get Ivy Bridge models announced fingers crossed
Sharon, buenos días, el programa de cromo no me deja correr bien en mi equipo toshiba l300d, se hace muy grande y no me permite ajustarlo a 32 bits., la pantalla es de 15.1", reciba un cordial saludo, si por favor me da Usted las instrucciones para instalarlo le agradecere mucho, que tenga un buen día.
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