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Hopefully this shut down will help some of these sea lion pups survive . . .
Late Wednesday afternoon, the Pacific Fishery Management Council voted to close the commercial sardine fishery along the U.S. West Coast for the remainder of the fishing season (through June 30, 2015). This action followed the Council’s vote over the weekend to close the commercial fishery for the July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016 season because of concerns over low sardine numbers. Sardine numbers have fallen well below minimum threshold established in...
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Sea Lion pups are washing ashore on California beaches, due to warmer water temperatures and overfishing.   #sealions   #sealionpup   #californiabeaches   #huntingtonbeach  
Sea Lion Pups are Washing Up on Beaches in California It is so sad to see that Sea Lion pups are washing up on the beaches in California. There have been more than 2000 sea lion pups that have wash...
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Poor babies...Makes me wanna go take them some fish and spread them out on the beach so they get a decent meal! +Sharon Paxson 
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PROS & CONS Of Open Houses In Real Estate
Open houses are a highly debated topic in real estate.  Some will swear by them and others will say they are a complete waste of time.

As with everything, there are PROS and CONS to open houses.  An example of a positive outcome from open houses is the opportunity for Realtors to pick up additional buyers.  An example of a negative outcome is the possibility for theft.

My personal opinion is that open houses are a great opportunity for a newer agent just getting started in the business who is in need of picking up additional buyers.  An agent who has proven results and experience does not need open houses to sell a home, there are many other ways to accomplish this goal.

Check out this article that provides many different PROS as well as the possible CONS of open houses in real estate at

In addition to the article, you will find some excellent resources relating to open houses from +RISMedia as well as +Bill Gassett.

If you find this article helpful, please consider sharing it socially.

#realestate   #openhouse  
Not sure if open houses are worth it? Make sure you review all the pros & cons of open houses in real estate, before deciding whether they are or not!
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Newport Beach Townhomes is a gated community located in West Newport Beach. There are 2 and 3 bedroom condos, and there is a total of 28 condos located in this area. #newportbeach   #condosforsale   #realestate   #NewportBeachRealEstate   #Realtor   #OC   #OrangeCounty  
Newport Beach Townhomes in Newport Beach Newport Beach Townhomes is a small gated community located in West Newport Beach. There are 28 town homes in this community and the street address is on Wes...
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Easter festivities in and around #NewportBeach
#easter    #egghunts   #easter2015  
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Have her in circles
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The Long Beach Grand Prix will be this weekend!! #toyotagrandprix   #grandprix   #grandprixoflongbeach  
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Tips to Become a Top Producing Real Estate Agent
Do you want to learn some tricks of the trade from some of the better Realtors out there?

+Tyler Zey has put together a fantastic interview of some of the better real estate agents who freely share some great tips.

Tyler asked if you tell your younger self to do something differently what would it be?

Take a look as +Bill Gassett +Andrew Fortune +Karen Highland +Kyle Hiscock +Anita Clark +lee davenport and +Marcia Boston share some great real estate advice!

Are you thinking about becoming a real estate agent? This post gives you the best advice from top producers around the country. Learn why the experts do
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Sharon Paxson

Information about Newport Beach and Local Events  - 
Newport Beach Townhomes is unique community located in West Newport Beach. These condos for sale do have boat slips.  #NewportBeach   #gatedcommunities   #boatslips  
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Amazing story of recovery with #HuntingtonBeachLifeguard   #newportbeach   #lifeguard   #lifeguards   #scottunderhill  
News: Lifeguard nearly died, but now he's back on the beach to save someone else | summer, beach, underhill, lifeguard, lifeguards, state, year, last, people, done
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This lifeguard is a friend of my daughters, and so happy he has made this recovery.
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Should You Ask For Seller Concessions
Knowing what seller concessions are, how they can benefit you, and the implications of asking for them are all considerations that buyers should consider (with input from their agent).

As +Kyle Hiscock deftly points out in this excellent article, if you don't need them, do not ask for them. If you do need them, this article will certainly help guide you in the right direction.

Kyle has also included resources from other top RE bloggers to include: +Andrew Fortune, +Lynn Pineda, +Ryan Lundquist, +Debbie Drummond, +Veterans United, and +Bill Gassett  

If you found this article helpful, please consider socially sharing it.
#realestate   #sellers   #sellerconcessions  
Seller concessions are fairly common in real estate. There are positives & negatives for both buyer's & seller's. Find out what seller concessions are.
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I've never really had appraisal issues with raising the contract price to cover seller concessions unless the initial offered price is too high to begin with.  Many times a buyer will appeal to the seller's greed by offering either full price or over to cover closing costs.

It the initial price is too high to begin with than, yeah, the appraisal may come in lower.

The blog post misses another point, though: the seller's state of mind.  I have worked with many a seller that have told me that "I didn't get closing help when I bought this house. I'm not offering any. If they don't have the money, they shouldn't be buying the house."

Of course, that leads to a negotiation between the seller and listing agent about keeping the seller's eyes on the prize (i.e., selling the house).

It always amazes me how much negotiation about pretty much everything in the real estate transaction is not between the buyer's agent and the listing agent. It's between the agent and their client to get to where they said they want to be....
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Newport Beach Realtor®

My name is Sharon Paxson, and I am a Realtor with HOM Sotheby's International Realty in Newport Beach and I am privlegded at the opportunity to work with residents of the Newport Beach area as well as residents that are new to the area.  I love the social media platform as it is an opportunity to meet and greet with you on line as well as provide an indept marketing approach for your home.

 I am a Southern California native and have lived in Newport Beach for 17 years. I am very knowledgeable of the beaches, schools and community activities for both children and adults. I am very familiar the local schools and their programs, and the surrounding communities. I am very familiar with the junior lifeguard and lifeguard programs in this area.   Both of my daughters went through the Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard program, and my older daughter Heather is a lifeguard for Huntington State Beach.   

A little more about me . . . I graduated from USC, and have two daughters Heather and Morgan.  And I have an Irish Setter named Duffy. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

For information on Newport Beach and the surround communities, please visit my Newport Beach Real Estate website.

Realtor® at HOM Sotheby's International Realty
representing buyers and sellers, specializing in technology to assist home buyers and sellers.
  • HOM Sotheby's International Realty
    Realtor®, 2013 - present
  • Prudential California Realty
    Realtor®, 2006 - 2013
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Debe is extremely knowledgeable of the Charlotte, North Carolina luxury market, and is an amazing resource for both buyers and sellers. I highly recommend Debe, as she is passionate and extremely professional. If you are considering buying or selling in Charlotte, I highly recommend Debe!!!
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Michelle has in depth knowledge of the Wellington, Florida community. Michelle is not only knowledgeable of the local community, but also the schools, local events, and offers in depth analysis of the real estate market. I highly recommend Michelle as the Realtor® in Wellington, Florida.
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