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If you're doing cool data work with R that you can talk about -- data mining, predictions, boosting a corporate bottom line -- I hope you'll consider nominating your work for Computerworld's Data+ special issue and conference here:

I'm not involved in the Data+ project except that I'd really like to see some R case studies as finalists :-) Thanks. Deadline Thursday April 24.
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If you've worked on a cool example of mining data for analysis, prediction and/or boosting the bottom line (that you can talk about :-) ), +Computerworld is looking to showcase some innovative case studies in our Aug. 25, 2014, issue and at the Data+ Conference (Sept. 7-9, 2014 in Phoenix, Ariz). To suggest a case study, please go to 

Deadline is Thurs April 24
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Quite a reversal for Microsoft, as it will soon have free Office Online apps for Excel, Word, etc. in the Google Chrome Web store. Story by +Gregg Keizer 
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Sharon Machlis

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I realize these aren't supposed to be statistically valid surveys, but that doesn't mean you get license to blatantly misrepresent.
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Sadly the most photographed places are those covered by CCTV. Then maybe speed and redlight cameras.
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Sharon Machlis

R Courses & Resources  - 
Very useful site for R package documentation, via +Christopher Gandrud on Twitter
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Thanks +Sharon Machlis amd +Rich Gillin. I will try the package Rich recommends. Data-Camp is a very good site.
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Sharon Machlis

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Doing cool data work you can talk about? Nominate your work to be highlighted in Computerworld and at the Data+ Conference. Deadline Thurs April 24 #BigData
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Sharon Machlis

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 'If our checks & balances are so fragile that a typo can obliterate all meaningful security, we have some fundamental things to fix'  #Heartbleed post by +Evan Schuman 
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I think about of people are missing a very fundamental point: Why is it that we have compilers that generate code that let you access memory outside your program's data storage? 
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Sharon Machlis

Programming & Coding  - 
Fitbit users: How to access and graph your FitBit data using R. Post by Ben Sidders includes code. 
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Sharon Machlis

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I may never need to hit delete again! :-)

by +Lucas Mearian 
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I may never need to hit delete again" literally the exact words I said to my father when I saw my first 1GB drive.
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Sharon Machlis

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Key point of the article is in the headline on that chart below:  "Big data, big paycheck"
Whether you believe analytics is a tired corporate buzzword or the key to future business growth, hundreds of companies are searching, and paying richly, for hires with quantitative skills.
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Have her in circles
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Most photographed places in the world? I don't think so, CNN

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