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In Love with Your Business: Engaging Others Who Share Your Passion
Every good entrepreneur has passion—a burning desire to see what they love come to life and grow. This passion permeates their thoughts, drives their actions and propels them to keep reaching for something greater. This is why passion is often associated with entrepreneurial success... #SharonLechter #Entrepreneurship

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NEW Blog Post: Money and Relationships: Taking Emotion out of Money
We have all heard the old adage never to talk about politics and religion in a social setting. But another topic that often fuels dissent is money and relationships. In fact, money is among the top reasons that couples disagree....
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Don't wait. Make today your day to thrive!
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Join me Feb. 25-26 in Costa Mesa for Action to Wins! #SharonLechter

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Join me for The Best You Expo in London, March 4 and 5. More info and to register, visit: #SharonLechter #TheBestYouExpo

NEW Blog Post: How to Build Great Business Relationships
Throughout my career, I have been blessed with success in a variety of roles that allow me to share my passions: entrepreneur, mentor, financial literacy advocate, philanthropist and author. Working in these different capacities has been deeply rewarding. And it has also shown me that some principles are indispensable regardless of the field you are in. One very important principle relating to all fields is building and maintaining great business relationships...
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NEW Blog Post: Tips on Hiring the Right Keynote Speaker
Hiring the right keynote speaker will determine the success of an event. If you hire the perfect person, your audience will be captivated, inspired and moved. But more importantly, they will be receptive to the information they are hearing.
So how do you ensure that you are choosing the right person for your event? Here are a few tips to help you identify hiring the right keynote speaker...
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When you set a goal, you are making a choice to direct your efforts toward a desired outcome. Just making that choice can be empowering and provide the focused energy you need to spur your effort toward success."
-Sharon Lechter
#SharonLechter #Empowering #FocusedEnergy #ThinkandGrowRich

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NEW Blog Post: How to Find the Right Mentor to Advance Your Business
Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau; Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan; Socrates and Plato. What do all these great successful people have in common? Each pair was part of a mentor/mentee relationship.
But you don’t have to be Thoreau or Dylan to reap enormous benefits from a mentor. In fact, no matter how talented or skilled you are, you can prosper from this unique relationship...
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