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Sharon Kaibel
Accountability Coach helping business owners and executives grow their productivity, performance and profits.
Accountability Coach helping business owners and executives grow their productivity, performance and profits.


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What it's costing you NOT to have an Accountability Buddy
Here’s a question for you … Does
it make good economic sense to spend $50 to make $100?   Or to spend $1500
to finish a project that can earn you maybe 10 times that? Silly
question right? Of course it makes sense! Another question for you. What’s it costin...

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Why an Accountability Partner is your silver bullet for success and growth
down to a coffee with a friend recently and it wasn’t long before the
obligatory question came, “How’s business?”. I was proud to say I’ve achieved an extraordinary
amount over the last few months. I’ve revamped my website and marketing kit,
built a...

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FREE Business training in Adelaide
Some of you know I’m doing Business Blueprint with Dale Beaumont, which is Awesome! There's
a FREE day coming up in Adelaide (actually its the last one Dale is doing in
Adelaide, which is why I wanted to share it with you). It's called “ New Rules of Busine...

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How to create your Operations Manual the easy way, so you can get back to business!
Creating policy and procedures documents is a necessary step if you want to systemise and scale your business for growth . But it can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Particularly if you add images to show people the step-by-step instructions (which is g...

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The Power of Personal Kanban to Get Unstuck, Unlock your Productivity and Get More Done
"Like traffic, work does not fit. Work flows."   Jim Benson Busyness creates blockages.  Too much to do creates a mental traffic jam where the ideas and productivity just stops flowing.  So how do you get unstuck and back in flow? There is a simple system f...

Okay, the time is right to update my profiles.  Pics are done, past is behind me, business is booming! Thank you to my friends, clients and family for your support over the past few months.  It's been rough, but looking toward a bright future.

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A short yet powerful look at what EQ is and does. A great reminder to be connected, present and true to yourself.

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How to Beat the Procrastination Demons and Get On With It!
So, if you've already given up on your New Years Resolutions (and let me tell you, you're not alone), lost your enthusiasm and finding life and work a bit of a drudge this early in the year, there's a way to rekindle the fire in your belly and get on with m...

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A new direction and journey to help you to Have Your Best 12 Months Yet!
Thank you to my dear readers, friends and contacts who have made contact with me over the past few weeks, wondering where I've been and what I've been up to. There's been changes afoot and I am pleased to announce that after 6 years of working with a great ...

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