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#ThreatenedThursday curated by +Sumit Sen +Diego Cattaneo +Sandy Schepis +Anette Mossbacher
The Florida Scrub Jay is on the U.S. Endangered Species List. It is classified as threatened throughout its range in Florida. Like many other Florida wildlife species, the scrub-jay has declined as its habitat has succumbed to development. Remaining habitat has been fragmented and degraded,and existing populations are small and isolated. This makes them vulnerable to any change to their environment, as an entire population can be wiped out at once. In some areas the rate of mortality appears to exceed the rate at which the populations are reproducing.
Please take the time to read about this endangered Floridian:
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Great shot and contribution!! Thanks a lot!
Hope this helps create some awareness about the situation. Hoping the best for these beautiful birds.
A beautiful capture Sharon ! & I hope the pretty birds do not become extinct. Thank you for explanation about this issue, I certainly was not aware of it!:)
Thank you +Mary Gotsi If you want to keep track of other endangered animals, please look at the posts coming in under #threatenedthursday
Yes, but hopefully we will be able to revive some of these endangered species. Thank you:) +John Wade
What a lovely shot and such a beautiful and appropriate contribution to the new theme which is as much your brainchild as anyone else's! Thank you so much Sharon.
The Florida Scrub Jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens) is listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN as well. The Jay has a small and fragmented population and range, which continues to decline as a result of urban development along with human disturbance. The current best estimate places the global population at about 6,500 individuals. +Threatened Thursday
Again, I cannot thank you enough +Sumit Sen and I am not surprised at what a wonderful job you are doing as one of the curators. As they say, "Beyond the call of duty". Thank you:)
Thank you, +Sharon Jeannette for your narrative and photo of this beautiful bird. Many folks only look at the larger animals as threatened or endangered so it's always great to see representation of birds and the smaller species that are also endangered.
Beautiful capture of a beautiful bird, I love blue ;) and that's a great contribution to the theme. Thanks for all the info :)
Thanks, that info really helped.
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