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Books: Bits vs. Atoms. April 10, 2012. I adore words, but let's face it: books suck. More specifically, so many beautiful ideas have been helplessly trapped in physical made-of-atoms books for the...
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There is one big reason that I personally don't like Ebooks. My brain remembers concepts, not words. My brain is not a computer. When I'm looking up a quote in a book, I often find that the phrase I was looking for, did not actually contain the word I thought it did. (Which explains why when I tried to first look it up on the net, I couldn't find the section of a book I was looking for, even though I had the entire text file)

I keep books on my shelf for reference, most of the time. But that's just me. Maybe they will create search engines that look for the concept I'm looking for rather than the exact words, and Google comes close to that, but I still often need to flip through the pages and remember where in physical space the idea I'm looking up existed.
Yes, I find it hard to look up quotes in ebook format, although there are bookmark features on most devices/apps.

I also find sometimes that I get to a part in a story and I want to flip back to see something that happened a few pages/chapters back - much harder to do in ebook.

I love proper books - I have shelves full. Really I want a physical copy to have on my shelf and an ebook version that I can carry around with me. My fear has always been 'what if I finish a book while I am out and don't have another to hand?' Ebooks stop that :-)
Ebooks are great for what I call throw away books. I read them, and then hand them off to somebody else. But my bookshelves aren't filled with those books (anymore). They are filled with books that I occasionally think... hmm wasn't this in that book somewhere? Let me go look!
Its the longevity of ebooks that I have an issue with, especially the ones with DRM. I've got books that are over 50 years old that I bought second hand. Is amazon going to be around in 50 years? Don't forget, due to DRM, if a company goes bust, you may well lose access to the ebooks you bought.
+Darren Poulson Yeah, I always forget about that point. Sad fact though is that many books today will not last 10 years. I have some robert Jordan books that have allready collapsed into nothingness. On the other hand, I have some text documents on floppy discs that I'll never see again.
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