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REVIEW : OK, I've never been big on instrumentals, but I was curious about this and I am widening my scope for experiences so I bought it and here are my thoughts

This album satisfies a lot of points with me - take The Big Wheel and Me, it opens with a guitar riff reminiscent of the heavy rocksters I listened to in my youth and then adds in some electronics to give you a beat to groove to. Some of the tracks I could definitely hear as the background to a video game, 80s That Weren't Pt1 could be a track from Lumines for instance.

But for me, best of all, this album does what it says on the album graphics - it's musivational. And this is a perfect album for long walks thinking about plans for my life and business without the distraction of lyrics. It's a great set of tracks for keeping the buzz high while you work. And its fab music for working out to, crosstrainer here I come.

I've listened to this a few times and it's still fresh and tasty. Thanks +Ben Gerber I'm looking forward to the next release.

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Dot grid paper with one of my favourite quotes by one of my favourite authors - if I could afford it I'd get it

Hey BuJo people - what's the best type of dotgrid notebook? I've been using the new Moleskine Journals but they're divided into sections and I want just a straightforward notebook. 

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Thanks +Sarah Brill​ it's all your fault

They're a bit finer than I usually get but look at the pretty colours. 

Oh dear. I picked up some washi tape. Used it once, now I'm looking for more ways to use it lol. 

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My friend wrote this, I wonder if he's heard of Bujo :-)
#idemachine  As part of the idea machine book, one of the days was a challenge to write an article, and submit it to ten places. 

I did so, and one of them already published it!

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Sharon Amanda (Histrel) commented on a post on Blogger.
Hell yeah. Silly jokes make the world better :-)

OK, over the next few months I am going to look at ways to create the bullet journal set up within my filofax. For instance, should I design & print templates? Filofax own stuff doesn't quite work for me with BuJo and BuJo doesn't fully work for me as I like my Filofax. Any suggestions? 

Making a concerted effort to BuJo after lurking and thinking for ages. Thanks to Barry Morris for his ecourse which gave me some direction.

Analogue -

I actually have and love my filofax so am using my BuJo notebook for gathering tasks and then transferring them to my Filofax on a weekly basis when I do my plan and review. The BuJo also holds things like my weekly/monthly regular tasks that I don't want to note every time plus ideas and information that I come across.

My journalling/reflections go in my filofax either on the day-to-a-page diary or I'll slot an extra sheet in alongside the relevant day if I need to say a lot. That way my thoughts are always with the day it happened.

Using one of the cheaper moleskine card-covered notebooks to BuJo as it slots nicely into the front pocket of my filofax.

Digital -

For work I'm trying out Asana as a project management system but mainly using as a template generator so I don't forget the tasks I should do for my clients and also means I don't have to keep writing them down.

I still have all my appointments in my Google calendar on my android phone but no tasks etc as I prefer them analogue or they'll be in Asana if it's a work project.

Conclusion -

Not quite the one-notebook idea but I'm starting to feel organised and if this doesn't work I'll rethink and readapt. 
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