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Time as it passes.
the moon will be eclipsed tonight and I will think of you of youth and spring and dew and baseball fields a comet will cross the sky and I will think of you of brevity and intensity and unfinished plans the stars will appear like every other night and I wil...

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Barbie Doll
The music is too loud Uncomfortable looks Random moves by strangers She looks like she just woke up Rubs her eyes It is smoky and dark in here But really she doesn’t see the lies Doesn’t open her eyes wide enough When she opens her mouth to scream “You aren...

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I've been absent lately, away from many, alone, but not really alone, just not here. Not "in the moment", not engaging, not giving, but not taking. I've been hiding, in plain sight, wearing bright colors, and honestly trying to get noticed. I've been floati...
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