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Memon Day logo 11 April. India 

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10 Most Awesome Security Measures Taken For President Obama On His Delhi Visit
  So The Republic Day is almost here and the best part about this
Republic Day is American President Barack Obama is invited in India for the
same by our PM. It is a moment of pride for India to host Barack Obama. India has left no stone unturned for the se...

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10 Awfully Senseless Questions That You Answer Everyday
If foolishness was a religion, it would be the biggest of all.
And for some reason I am not even sure if it’s absolute stupidity or them being
just a plain retard. These questions have
started to blow my brains. Something to which I can’t help but reply

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15 Laws And Rights Every Indian Should Know
There is nothing more
empowering than knowing your country's laws and rights. You never know when you
might need to put them into use. While, most of us are aware of some
basic laws and rights, here are some of them which we might not know
about:  1. If you...

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10 Reason Why Salman Khan Can’t Be Replaced In Bigg Boss
Here are 10 Reason why Salman Khan Cannot
be Replaced in Bigg Boss 1) With
Salman’s exit, Farah Khan now has a big duty to bring up the TRPs of the show.
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that many people watched the show only for Salman.
With his exit, the show ...

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Watch BILL GATES Drinking Water Made From Human Poop In This Ground-breaking Video
We have all heard of astronauts drinking water extracted from poop. But to
think of the process as becoming part of society is something we haven’t been
able to imagine.   Bill Gates is funding
a project that produces clean drinking water from feces. And to...

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7 Bollywood Actors You Never Knew Rejected Hollywood Movies
And you thought it was Bollywood who couldn’t get enough of
Hollywood? Brace yourselves you’re about to get an enormous shock. Here are 7 Bollywood
actors who were not only offered roles in Hollywood but also went as far as to
reject them: 1.       Deepika ...
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