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New Blog Post: Flipping Education on its Head

Its common knowledge that the United States education system needs some work.  But too often people throw technology at the problem without a plan.  Dumping a bunch of iPads on a school without a process on how to utilize it is an expensive recipe for disaster.
Its common knowledge that the United States education system needs some work. But too oft...
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I read about this style and tried to push it up the ladder to my curriculum coordinator, but no go. I think it would be an excellent use of technology, but still has a few hurdles to get over. One of the main hurdles is the archaic and antiquated system that we are trying to work in. The higher ups are rarely quick or receptive to effective change. It really makes no sense how decisions are made outside of the classroom. I'd like to see something like this take off. I look forward to trying to keep an eye on how this goes. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to repost it in my education circle.
+Orlando Green ive never taught but my wife and friends have. Seems like its damned near impossible to get any changes through the food chain, regardless of how beneficial they would be to the students. Schools have to take risks, but who wants their kid to be a guniea pig? It's a tough call.
+Keith Beacham I use Khan to brush up on my own knowledge, as well to help when tutoring my clients in math. It's amazing.
+Shareef Jackson I have my sons on Khan Academy several times a week. Sometimes you just have to work around the system.
Oh yea! I do too. I'm trying to take the GMAT soon.
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