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A Complete Document Management Solution


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Go Green…….
August 12, 2015 by 123456789praj Leave a comment
Looking at the frightening speed of human race using natural resources, every sensible human being is concerned about the wastage of precious natural resources.
Whenever man has discovered something, he invaded the nature, used it to a great extent & then profoundly destroyed it.  Our greatest mistake is, we take the natural wealth for granted & forget that it’s not going to last forever.  We use toilet rolls, paper napkins, tissue papers generously. Printing, photo copying etc. is done mindlessly in offices.
Have we thought once, where these papers come from?
We behave like a spendthrift when using papers, giving a damn to wastage of natural resources.
Unfortunately, now the nature is reacting to this in a big way in past few years. Global warming is badly affecting the world.
It’s high time, that we retrospect our deeds & try not to harm the nature as far as possible.
One of the many steps towards this, is going green in the office.
Now, what exactly is going green in office???? 
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What Is This Exactly?

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