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Shaped Pixels creates amazing premium WordPress themes
Shaped Pixels creates amazing premium WordPress themes

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With the recent new version of Shaped Pixels, I wanted to let everyone know that there will be some more tweaks here-and-there over the next few months. If you discover anything that looks odd, feel free to let us know :)

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New Shaped Pixels Website

A new Shaped Pixels website version is coming in the next 24 hours or so which changes from a Joomla setup to a WordPress setup. I'm even using one of my own WordPress themes for it!

This was a massive job, but was necessary, so more details once I do the switch up.

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New WordPress Theme called Shaped Pixels

My new WordPress theme called "Shaped Pixels" is now available for download! This theme is going to be used for the upcoming changes to the Shaped Pixels website, so it's only fitting to name this one Shaped Pixels! For more details:

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New WordPress Theme

First, Happy New Year! A year gone and another one begins! So on that note, let's talk about my next WordPress theme release that is roughly 2 days away (sorry, a few days late). However, the theme is finished and right now I've been creating the setup tutorials for this theme (which is massive).

I've given you a sneak peek screenshot of the top 3rd of the front page (many sections are hidden below), but let's just say this theme packs a ton of fact, you get over 200 theme option settings! You even get a built-in Nivo slider (something I've never done before with my themes).

What for it at

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Boxing Day WordPress Themes 50%

One Day ONLY! Save 50% on our WordPress themes at Shaped Pixels, so today is your only chance because we won't be having another sale until late in 2017!

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Shaped Pixels News for 2017

What is Shaped Pixels doing for the new year of 2017? Some insight as to what I have planned.

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No More WordPress Themes at .org

I've pretty much had enough of and the theme repository and review process. Theme authors submit new themes to the repository and then have to wait up to 7 to even 8 months before it goes live! As it is, if I were to submit a theme right now, it would be late July 2017 before it goes live. As of the writing of this post, the wait time for a theme to get reviewed is currently (still) at 5 months. Once approved, you then have to wait another 2 months for it to go live.

A lot of authors are walking away from the theme repository because of many things, but the wait times is one big reason. The review process is also very restrictive and puts a lot of limits on what kind of design features we can do.

Later this month, I am going to start putting free themes onto the Shaped Pixels website and support for them will also be provided from my site's own forum. I won't be submitting any more themes to the theme respository.

In the meantime, I'm not submitting anymore themes to the respository until I see a major improvement. So, stay tuned!

My Next New WordPress Theme

Getting Ready for 2017.....Just over 3 weeks until the new year and I have a lot of work to do. One of my projects was to rebuild my Shaped Pixels website for 2017, but I decided what is more important right now is to get another theme out before this year is over.

I just spent the last 2 days (and late nights) designing mock-ups in Photoshop for my new Shaped Pixels website and then realized that this would make a great signature theme.

The plan is to name it "Shaped Pixels" and have it replace the older Shaped Pixels theme I currently have in the portfolio. There will be a Pro and a Lite version of course. However, for my site, I will design a customized version of it to accommodate the requirements my own site needs.

I've already got my schedule written out and the goal is to get this theme finished and released in the next 3 weeks. As for the new Shaped Pixels website, I will start rebuilding it in January.

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New WordPress Theme Receptive

I've just released my latest and most involved theme yet, called Receptive. With over 200 theme options and settings, you get a ton of customizability and flexibility to create professional blogging and business websites.

More Details

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LAST DAY to Save 40% on WordPress Themes

This is the last day to save 40% off every theme at Shaped Pixels, but also 40% if you opt in for our popular 2-year Premium Membership, followed by our Lifetime Membership!

Today is the last day, so visit Shaped Pixels and save 40% on themes before it ends at midnight!

With up to 12 more themes to be released over the next year, you might want to consider one of our memberships.
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