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Lets all help out! for +Lee Daniels and for #womenwednesday (tho I've never participated in that theme)
A call out to kindness

There are many things I need to be thankful for this year. One of those is the amazing list of friends and opportunities that I've been gifted with by being part of this community. Friends like +Lee Daniels, photographer, co-curator of #womenwednesday and as of last week, a lung cancer patient. Lee's battle has just begun and as you can imagine she will need some support. I have setup a website to help with the fundraising. Visit:

You may help Lee directly by using the donate button on the upper right hand side of the page. You may also grab one of the fundraising t-shirts that have the site's logo and Lee's name. All proceeds will go to help Lee down the uphill road she has ahead.

Remember there's no worse than doing nothing because you can only do a little. Every last bit helps...
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