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Shanthakumar V

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Why Racket? Why Lisp? this book was made possible by a publishing system called Pollen. I created Pollen with the Racket programming language. Racket is a descendant of Scheme, which in turn is a descendant of Lisp. So while Racket is not Lisp (in the specific Common Lisp sense), ...
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Shanthakumar V

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Shanthakumar V

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Things you should know and practice in life before you graduage. This presentation contains all the things you ahsould know before spepping out of the college when you complete your computer science degree.
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Shanthakumar V

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The Internet Censorship and NSA Spying Solution
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Shanthakumar V

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Cyanogen, backed by over $110 million in funding, wants to take on Google for control of Android.
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Shanthakumar V

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I am not a “passionate programmer”. In the first few years of my career I was defensive about this perceived flaw. I see…
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13° 3'7.64"N 80° 7'47.91"E
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13° 3'7.64"N 80° 7'47.91"E
CS undergrad

module Intro(intro) where

import Social.IO

intro Me = case Me of
                suggestedCircles ->  [ "Technology"
                                                           , "Atheism"
                                                           , "Engineering"
                                                           , "Philosophy"
                favOSs              ->    [ "GNU + Linux"
                                                    , "*BSD"
                favWindowManagers       ->      [ "Xmonad"
                                                                            , "DWM"
                                                                            , "Awesome"
                                                                            , ..
                favEditor                ->      [ "VIm" ]       
                favKeyboard         ->     [ "Dvorak" ]    
                favBrowsers         ->  [ "luakit"
                                                        , "elinks"
                                                        , "links2"
                favLanguages      ->  [ "Haskell"
                                                        , "Lisp"
                                                        , "Ruby"
                                                        , "Lua"
                                                        , "ECMAScript"
                                                        , "BrainFuck"
                                                        , ..
                favGames                ->      [ "Chess", .. ] 
                favCartoons              ->      [ "Ben10", .. ]
                favMovies                 ->      [ "Back To The Future", .. ]
Bragging rights
I'm pretty sure about what I'm doing now !
  • Panimalar Institute of Technology
    cσмρυтεя scιεηcε εηgιηεεяιηg, 2012 - present
  • Christ Matriculation Hr. Sec. School
    1998 - 2010
  • Velammal Matriculation Hr. Sec. School
    2010 - 2012
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December 16, 1994
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Nothingness is an asset too.... In the age when we keep running behind something or the other all the time.. hardly do we get time to think

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