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Thankies so much +Sandra Parlow +Jeff Moreau (hope you are feeling better!) and my dear +Louisa Catharine Forsyth =D

This was a fun little bit of shrubbery we have growing in the office and almost reminds me that there is a world outside the workplace!
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+eleisa barbour it kind of does heehee!

Thankies so much +eleisa barbour +Elizabeth Lund +Isabelle Fortin +Ron Grooms and +Sonja Miller Williams and everyone who gave the plus love! ♥

This was 2 of my favorite things in one - Froggies and eyes! =D
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You Might Feel A Little Prick

Per +Gary Munroe's inquiry earlier, consider this my answer to the question!

Dr. Dakota is making her rounds today for a very awesomesauce +Movie Mashup Tuesday with +Isabelle Fortin and +Mark Rodriguez .

Enjoy! ♥

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+Sonja Miller Williams heehee thankies, my dear!
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Welcome To Grind House

I was actually fortunate enough to see this in the theater, in its entirety, as a double feature.  It is still one of those movie experiences that is etched in my brain - pretty iconic, actually.

Another epic person I know is +Measie Elizabeth and that is why I decided to mash her all up into the Planet Terror poster.  Not only is she a sister mod for The Art of Self Portraiture (because her selfy imagery rocks), but she is an amazing artist.

If you have been living under a rock in terror and don't know who she is, I highly recommend you check her out!

I hope you enjoy the mash! ♥

For +Movie Mashup Tuesday  #moviemashuptuesday  with +Isabelle Fortin and +Mark Rodriguez =D
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Thankies +Movie Mashup Tuesday xoxo
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Always Be Prepared To Be The Butt Of Your Own Joke

"Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it." - Bill Cosby

So, for the #macromonday  theme the end , I thought I would draw humor from it since I sometimes like to think like the perpetual child - to be light-hearted and creative. 

I received the cutest little glass sheep, part of an inside joke at work, for my birthday last month, and I move them around my office every couple of days like an Elf on The Shelf.

Over the last few weeks, clearing up the last few projects from my term in school and during the break, I have taken the time to regroup some - mentally and spiritually - and lay the foundation for more reconstructions, conceptual work, and overall well-being, but the final piece to the puzzle fell into place while getting deeper into my yoga flows.

The yogi leader mentioned that we should try to smile and go to a place of that which a child finds freedom and joy.  Well, for me, that joy comes in being goofy, sometimes off-color, and fully outrageous.  In remembrance of the quote above, from someone my grandfather loved to listen to in the car, I am embracing the laughter in life.

When life throws challenges at you - laugh at how you can't believe this is all that has come your way; find humor where you can.  When people toss pain and drama at your feet - laugh it off; you don't have to be bogged down by others' "butt-sore" behaviors.  When you feel down - remember to laugh off at why you are really feeling down.

Most of the time, the reason we get down is because we feel like we don't have control over something we believed we had control over.  The truth of the matter is that we do not ever have control over anything except ourselves - we only ever have the illusion of control.  So find humor in being thick-skulled and move on.

If you can't do that - find humor and bring upon laughter in your life, then you truly are the "butt" end of your own life's joke.

So, here, I give you the butt end of my sheep for the end theme of Macro Monday with +Jeff Moreau and +Sandra Parlow .

Enjoy and Namaste! ♥


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wonderful sentiments here, and I'm so glad you are finding the place that makes your inner child happy!!   
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Freaks & Geeks Revisited

I don't think I ever tried to fit in much, nor do I think I really cared.  I was always going to do what I was going to do, and to hell with the status quo.  I can recall when I first bleached my hair white in middle school.  I waited for my mom to go away on a business trip and suckered my dad into getting me the supplies.  When my mom got home, what could she do?  It was already done HA!

It carried on through school, as you can see by my 10th grade photo-op with my friend Jessica.  We were an odd mix of grunge babies, hippies, and candy ravers.  We weren't really defined and that was just how I liked it.

I still like to think I am pretty undefined because that means I can do anything and be anyone without trying to cram myself into some stereotypical box.

So, I encourage you all, on this +Blast From The Past kind of Thursday to live undefined and be undefined from any preconceived notions; just BE!

Enjoy this little reshare and have a great day! ♥

#blastfromthepast  with +Isabelle Fortin +Mark Rodriguez +Cheryl Cooper  #throwbackthursday   #tbt  
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+Kiki Nelson +Rachael Alexandra we can start a new tribe (( huggles))
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Taking It Down To Chinatown

As my final mash-up from my marathon of mashing, I decided to hit up another classic favorite of mine Chinatown, and since +Isabelle Cardinal mashed me real good last week, I decided to add her amazing smile to this poster!

I hope you all enjoy! ♥

+Movie Mashup Tuesday  #moviemashuptuesday  with +Mark Rodriguez and +Isabelle Fortin =D
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A Clockwork Mash-Up

Oh, I hope my friends, +Mark Rodriguez and +Isabelle Fortin, didn't think they would come out of today victimless, because my clock said something completely different!

Not only is this strange trip one of my favorite movies, but these are two of my favorite people!

I hope you curators of +Movie Mashup Tuesday approve of this one.

Enjoy! ♥

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Glad you liked it +Mark Rodriguez =D
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“Ce qu'on appelle une raison de vivre est en même temps une excellente raison de mourir.” ― Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays

A look at my self and my munchkin.  No greater duality in the world than living for your child and also the lengths you would go to in order to protect your spawn - even to death.  11 years ago, I became a mom and it wasn't one of those, "I am destined to be an amazing mom" kind of things, but I knew it was my duty to make her into the best little human being I could possibly nurture and so far, I think I am doing an okay job.

If there were ever a question about whether she was mine or not, I think it has been settle here lol.


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Yay! The eyes! :-)
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You Cannot Grudge A Flower For Its Beauty

As I was practicing my Yoga today, the yogi leader was guiding me through my vinyasa and helping clear out the clutter, and she said these words:

"Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.  Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, let go of what you cannot change, and be grateful with every breath that you take."

As I lay in corpse pose, aligning my breath with my relaxation - in my meditative mindset - it all made sense.  I was in the moment and nothing more.

So, I wish you all a wonderful moment in whatever moment that you are in and be grateful for where you are, and above all else, have a great weekend!

Enjoy! ♥


#FloralFriday - The +FloralFriday theme was created by +Tamara Pruessner and is co-curated by +Beth Akerman, +Kiki Nelson, and +Eustace James.

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+Gretchen Chappelle Namaste back at ya babe! ♥

+Elizabeth Lund ♥ xoxo

Thank you +Aakash Tripathi 

+Eustace James Awwww thankies!

+Neera Malhan I am really trying to embrace the entire yoga principles these days.  Too long I only tried to either practice the motions and not the mentality or try to embrace them mentality without connecting the body.  These flowers reminded me of the process of that connection by being in the moment always.  Thank you!

+Fawzia Pillay Thank you so kindly! =D
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Project Management - Design & Technology | Photographer, Qwerky Girl Designer, & eStudio Owner
Winning, Being Awesomesauce, Project Management, Design, Photography, Marketing, Online Education, Learning
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A Constant Artistic Conceptualization In Progress
"If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." T.A. Edison
I am Shantha Marie Fountain, and if you know me, then you DEFINITELY know that you have found the "right" me! I am a Project Manager at a college and I keep the online course development running smoothly with my slightly OCD behavior.  That is just my day job (It pays the bills...ALL of them!).  In addition to the day job, I am also a photographer, budding digital artist, and mixed medium creator of things in the Fort Myers, Florida area. 

I like to write (blog), read, watch movies (new and old), go on adventures, veg out with my munchkin, play video games, laugh at poop or other inappropriate phallic jokes and innuendo; I like techy things and geeky things galore.  For fun, I like to paint and draw or dream of my next tattoo. =) 

Art has always been a part of my life since I was discovered by one of my most favorite art teachers in middle school.  She showed me a way and a light through art I had never experienced until then.  I nurtured and fed that passion throughout my young adult life, but just like life, my priorities took me down a few different paths. After a decade of roaming, I made my way back home into an arts community and found photography and design to be new things (great things) I get to explore beyond my fine arts background. 

When asked not too long ago, the end of 2013, I believe, about what fascinates me about portraits and retouching, I said, "Retouching, to me, is removing the distractions to show the true beauty of the subject", and it is true.  I speculate that I use the same tools to draw the viewer's eye to different things as I did in fine arts from my past.  I don't believe in changing the subjects appearance to the point of creating a stranger in the pixels, I think that would do a disservice to myself and those that I capture, but to get the world to see all those amazing qualities that I see when I am behind the lens, now that it something to really put pride in.

I am of Russian descent and enjoy cooking (and eating) foods from all over the globe.  Cultures of other countries fascinate me, and I love to observe them.  Human nature is one of the most amazing and terrifying things. 

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: His eyes are closed." 


"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." 

 ~Albert Einstein~ (An amazing human being) 

Is that what really makes up me?  Of course not!  This is only the introduction, remember...

"Remember the high board at the swimming pool? After days of looking up at it you finally climbed the wet steps to the platform. From there, it was higher than ever. There were only two ways down: the steps to defeat or the dive to victory. You stood on the edge, shivering in the hot sun, deathly afraid. At last you leaned too far forward, it was too late for retreat, and you dived. The high board was conquered, and you spent the rest of the day diving. Climbing a thousand high boards, we demolish fear, and turn into human beings." 

~Richard Bach A Gift of Wings~


UPDATE: In 2012, I decided to spread my wings as the owner and sole photographer, designer, and artist of JuxtaPixels Photo and Design specializing in fine arts, modern digital design, and of course, conceptual and portrait photography.


Curate The Following Themes:
#theexpressiveeye (a daily theme dedicated to the mysteries of the eye)

Specialty Theme (Year Round): This Is Halloween Photography ( #ThisIsHalloweenPhotography )
Specialty Theme (Year Round): Shot With Music ( #shotwithmusic )


Ongoing Projects:
Reconstructions: Personal Reconstructions of Famous Portraits and Images From Portrait Photographers
Project Learning Experience: The Progression From Freshman To Graduate (#learnandgrowseries)


Projects For The 2013 Year: 
Project 52 B&W (2013) (Done)
52-Week Self Portraiture Project (continuing '12-'13) (Done)
52-Week Mono/Chromatic Lighting Portraiture Project (2013) (Done)


Goals For 2014:
So, here are the goals for 2014:

1. I will create at least 5 reconstructions this year;
2. I will create at least 6 images using a cell phone that parallel my DSLR standard;
3. During 2014, I will create no less than 5 tutorials.  There may be videos involved (1 tutorial will definitely have one for sure), but there will definitely be enough information in the post to recreate the style;
4.  I will try at least 3 new techniques in 2014;
5. Beginning January 8, 2014, I will begin creating organized folders for my images to be placed in on G+.  There will no longer be an out-of-control array of images;
6. I will be sure to post at least 1 image a week.  The goal is quality over quantity.  This means I will make a concerted effort each week to create something;
7. The word for the year is composition.  This means that I may take more shots because I want to attempt capturing the best angle for each piece of artwork.  Composition is going to be key;
8. I will make no less than 6 shots with the specific intent of being monochromatic or grayscale;
9. I will shoot at least one project for a commercial reason;
10. I will regularly participate in critiquing session online or locally;
11. I will make an effort to capture at least 3 candid or street photography shots;
12. There will be no lapse in my participation with SSP or The Art of Self Portraiture community;
13. School work will be a priority, and it will be shared with an open critique policy blanket attached - though, school work (in whole) will not count as one of the 14 other goals, but parts of them could if done prior to the class assignment;
14. There will be at least one epic landscape this year; and
15. I will learn something new each week and report about it here or on my blog; consider it a weekly reflection to decompress and move toward the fresh week.


Portfolio Locations:


Communities I Mod:


Recommendations For Circles:
Feel free to add me to these types of circles.

Graphic Design
Fine Art
Project Management
Digital Design

(Basically, I am good with the arts and any other general nerdery all up in my stream)


I participate in the +G+ Membership 


I'm involved in Public Circles Project


Google+ users I recommend: 

shane holsclaw 

I will add to this as I go, but this should get you started with a few of my favorite people! 

Learn about the Public Circles Project: 

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