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Hey Guys,

I'm having a problem where a verified business account on Google+ can't add more than 5 people a day. On my personal account (this one) I can add more than 5 but when 5 is added on the business account, it won't you add anymore than that in a day. Is there a reason for this? I've read online and it said something about spam protection but my account doesn't have the cap and the business page is verified. How can I fix this issue? 

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Hey so I'm getting this message when testing the extension on my computer. I'm running it on my Mac running OSX. I think this might be the reason I'm not getting notifactions? 

Hey, so I've been using Join for a few days and have ad a really bad experience with SMS texting from desktop to computer. Reload times are almost non existential and when I text, I can't press enter to send the message. I have to press the send icon.

Also, it doesn't display new incoming messages. Is this a problem with the app or is it only on my end?

Running Galaxy S6, Stock 5.1.1 

How do you guys like the new season so far? 

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#STEM is everywhere!

Happy Independence Day USA!

Here's some info about the #science behind fireworks from the Caffeinated Biologist:

"Spark, Spark! The #Chemistry of Fireworks

Ever wondered what causes those fancy fiery works of art shine so bright? The science of how fireworks operate is actually simple. And we’ll find out.

Pyrotechnics, especially fireworks, operate on a simple theory called combustion. Combustion involves the use of oxygen, that why you can’t light a fire in an airtight setup. It also involves the release of energy, in form of heat and/or light energy.

For a firework to burst into an array of spectacular colors, it must contain the following:

1. Fuel. Must contain either charcoal or thermite alongside the common blackpowder.

2. Oxidizing Agents. These produces the oxygen needed to burn the mixture. These are either nitrates, chlorates, or perchlorates.

3. Reducing Agents. These react with the O2 released by the oxidizing agent/s to produce hot gases, and can also be used to control the speed of the reaction. Sulfur and charcoal are the most common reducing agents used.

4. Metals. These also control the speed of reaction. Larger surface area = faster reaction rate.

5. Coloring Agents. They give color to the firework. Strontium (Sr) produces red, Copper (Cu) produces blue, Barium (Ba) produces green, Sodium (Na) for yellow, Calcium (Ca) for orange, and Gold (Au) or Titanium (Ti) for an iron-ish color. These elements when heated, produces excess energy in form of light, and the higher the temperature, the shorter the wavelength.

6. Binders. These hold the mixture in a paste-like texture. The most commonly used binder is dextrin, though parson is also used.

So, fireworks are actually maelstroms of excess heat energy released by different reactions occurring inside the canister."

Taken from:

Happy Birthday!!! +Brian Johnson​

On the G3, it crashes just randomly all the time. I wish I could add more but it's just so constant. Almost everything crashes it.

LG G3, 5.0.1 T Mobile

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Time to watch Book of Mormon! +Alina Grigorian

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Join us for a live Hangout with Jim Wicks, lead designer of Moto 360, Motorola’s new watch powered by Android Wear. During the Hangout, Jim will discuss the design and style features that make Moto 360 unlike any watch on the market today. #Moto360

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