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I learned basic programming by playing with my TI-84 plus in highschool during boring classes. I got the basic concepts of programming when we skimmed over basic JavaScript in Web Design class. Using that and just looking through every possible function of my TI-84 Plus, I figured out some fun things, like making ASCII animations that would eventually crash with an insufficient memory error, and programming all my Algebra II functions to make homework easier.

When we learned about Matrices, I created a basic encoding and decoding program that would use a secret matrix and some fun matrix math to encode and decode messages. I was a bored kid in highschool.
There is also a software on the #Android -based devices in which you can do the mathematical functions with graphs and all the other operations available on the TI-84. There is also a software that emulates the TI-84 (or -85) in the #Nokia N900 which is free to be downloaded and used, and honestly, I had fun messing around with it.
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