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9 weeks ago my husband was in the ICU after unexpected and emergent triple bypass surgery. Today he was back on his bike.....

not the greatest photo as I am trying different techniques for pan-blurs but obviously that is not the point of this photo!

Thanks to all who supported us and sent me good wishes.... you will NEVER know how much WE both appreciate it.
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Liz C
What wonderful news for you both!!!
Thank you for sharing this moment of joy +Shannon S. Myers :-)
That's amazing...good for him....and good for you!!
wow! so wonderful to see him back riding his bike again! good for the both of you!!!!
Swee Oh
That's great news!! :))
Thanks so much +Andrew Clifton-Brown it is a quick 5 hour drive and we have friends there as well as a photowalk this weekend. We were married there as well so special place for us. The ocean is always my respite....
Wes Lum
Yay for a quick recovery!
Such an amazing beautiful news and by the way I really like this technique... ;)
Well done Mr Myers. ( I've shown this to my dad who's waiting for a quadruple bypass and is scared stupid - so thanks for the inspiration)
Tai Mi
awesome!!! this makes me so happy for you both!!
keep up that bike riding!! keep that heart strong and healthy!! :)
thanks +Wes Lum very much appreciated.
+Yasmin Simpson you have been so very kind and supportive :-)
+Ger Hughes I think in some ways it was scarier for me as Jonathan does not really remember the first three days afterwards, was always comfortable with medication and slept a lot in the beginning.. please tell you Dad that we wish him the very best. As Jonathan also states... "he is now better and he knows that he has a problem. What about the person who is totally unaware?". Same for your Dad. They know about it and they are going to make him better. Please keep us updated. ((hugs))
That's huge!! Wonderful news I'm so happy for you guys. Have fun at the beach. xx
Thanks so much +Monique Yates this really was quite a wonderful moment (although admittedly I was a little nervous).....
ohmygoodness! How terrible that happened - how wonderful that he is up and feeling better. Best wishes to you both.
Thanks so much +Kim Troutman I think that you get how hard this was for many different reasons.... he is only 46!! But... time to celebrate that he is ok!
I absolutely do. Your celebration is warranted. :)
fantastic news. Congrats to you both :)
picture of the day!! it's such a long way from the days you were posting from his hospital room ... you're both an inspiration for hope and courage!! ;-)
+onnie hull that is so very kind of you to say that. It really does put so very much in perspective.... thank you....
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