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April 26, 2012 117/366
+Creative 366 Project

Renting a lens for the next week while I am away in San Diego before I put out a lot of money for it. I walked around the front yard this afternoon and decided that I already like it WAY too much!
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Just an FYI....I bought the new 70-200 f/2.8 IS last year and can't agree more that it's a phenomenal lens. However, I hardly take it with me when out and about because of the weight. Before that, I had the f/4 version (still do) and have a new respect for it! It's tack sharp and the focus is really fast on my Canon 7D but the best part is the light weight.'s not as fast but unless you regularly shoot in really low light, it won't matter. Besides....depending on your camera, shooting at a high ISO to get more speed is not the issue it used to be. I highly recommend at least trying it before you fork out the money for the f/2.8
Thank you +Marianne Skov Jensen that is why I am renting it for a week. My step-father has the f/4 and loves it. He stopped by today to take a look at this lens before I leave tomorrow. He is not sure that he would pay the difference. I am not a fan of carrying around a lot of weight because of my back.
Did you take photos with the two lenses for comparison? That might make the decision easier :-)
I do have to admit there is nothing like the bokeh of the f/2.8. It's beautiful!!! BUT you can get close to the same with the f/4 by leaving some distance between your subject and the background.
You're welcome. If you do decide to get the f/2.8, a monopod will save your back....especially when you're standing for a long time.
It's a great lens. It is a beast though :))
Yes, I agree +Mike Culver I feel a little strange carrying it for sure. Maybe it should just be a lens that I rent from time to time. ;-)
I have the first version. I always have my camera hanging around my neck & it certainly can generate pain & stiffness. That being said, it is an awesome lens & worth the pain. Wide open at about 10 feet for great portraits .. especially when the background is distant.
thank you so much +Mike Culver I will certainly keep that in mind this week while I am having fun with it! I already have a bad lower back... not sure that I really want to add to it :-)
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