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My husband yelled out "get your macro lens" this evening. I came out on the porch and he was pointing to a spider web. Ok.....
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You are welcome. Always nice to see some good shots over here. Planning to buy a good cam and learn about photography soon. :)
Awesome POV, Shannon! Me? I'd be running far far away... lol
Well done! Awesome angle. Jonathan's a good scout.
Nice image. A macro lens is next on my shopping list.
Not too fond of spiders, but great that your hubby participates :) Great shot, even though it's a spider and all ;)
+Amy Weiss it really was quite small.... thanks...
+Frank Capria I really do appreciate that Jonathan supports me like this. One of the many reasons that I love him so. Thanks!!
Many thanks +DAYA MANI +Holly Davis
I LOVE my macro +Stephen Larsen it is like discovering an entire world that I was not aware of before. Thank you!
+Eileen McAllister I am not a fan as well... thankfully the macro lens allows me to be far enough back from it....
+Kerry Murphy let's hope that is not literally killer ;-) thanks!
thank you +Mylah Nazario I do look a little strange at times taking these shots I am sure....
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