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Shannon Ritter
Higher ed professional, tattooed girl, wannabe photographer, damn good baker, liberal thinker, lover of all things mundane
Higher ed professional, tattooed girl, wannabe photographer, damn good baker, liberal thinker, lover of all things mundane
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Added photos to EDUSOCMEDIA.

There is something so magical about rounding a curve in the road in the morning and seeing a gigantic hot air balloon floating directly above you.  

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I need to see this installation - 

Best (read most fun, chatty, and interesting) IRC channels and networks?

Ok. Let's give this Google+ thing another shot. I WANT to love you, G+ - I really do. Our previous fallout wasn't your fault, it was all me. I didn't know how you fit into my life and now I realize that you really do have your charms. I'm willing to give us another shot.

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Wonderful video about the ritual of touch -

It’s a pretty exciting time in social media these days. Google +, huge changes by Facebook, more and more streaming content, the social graph – it’s pretty spectacular when you think about it. I’m afraid, though, that no one actually is thinking much about their own content.

Yesterday when I watched the news from Facebook and saw the new Timeline – I had an emotional reaction watching the video, thinking about how I could use Facebook to really chronicle my life and create this wonderful online scrapbook of memories. How beautiful that Facebook would give us that ability – what a wonderful thing!

And it is a wonderful thing, but I have some concerns. For right now, let’s just forget all of the privacy concerns that come along with these changes. That’s a huge post that I’m not about to get into right now. Suffice it to say that we all need to think a bit more about what we’re willing to put out there.

What I’m worried about is this – I feel like the easier it is to capture memories and share them, the less we’re valuing them. There are more videos and photographs being taken today than at any point in our history, but how many people are saving these memories in their physical form? How many of us are taking the time to print our photos, put them in an album, and create a story that we can look back on years from now? That we can touch, and feel, and hold?

I’m not a luddite – far from it – but there really is something about holding a photo album in your hands, and seeing how time has changed the paper of the photos. Seeing someone’s handwriting on the back of the photo saying when it was taken, or how old you were. Running your hands over the pages of the album and feeling the weight of it in your hands. We’re missing this piece.

I wrote another post not too long ago about recipes and cooking with my grandmother’s recipes. I have the ability to pull up basically any recipe in the world on whatever device I choose to, but there’s something about feeling that recipe card in my hand, written in my grandmother’s handwriting that makes it more special. There’s something about seeing the stains on the recipe from ingredients that have splashed there during the process. That’s something online recipes can’t give me.

I love technology, I love sharing things and connecting with people more than just about anything in the world, but I just wonder if we’re missing out on some really important ways to capture, preserve, and cherish memories and moments. I personally plan to do something about that.

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I think we need to be heading in this direction...
I suspect that this might be somewhat divisive among my IT colleagues...

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I've launched a Kickstarter project to bring back Mill Pond in the virtual space of Second Life. I really miss making art in that space.

If you're able to help fund the project that would be completely awesome. :)

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"Is disconnecting a cell phone or a social network any different from trashing a printing press?"
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