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Visiting Maji Moto during my time in East Africa changed my perception of the role tourists play in responsible tourism. This innovative cultural camp sympathetically marries cultural preservation with tourism. It allows tourists to create a new story about the Maasai of East Africa.

Stories have the power to change us. Stories use a steel cable to cinch humanity closer; they bind us across cultures, time, and space. Once you have created a new story of a place, that connection can never be undone. It changes your perception of foreign events in far-off places. I will always have a connection to Kenya. A tapestry of stories binds me to the Maasai.

This piece looks at the work this camp is doing to promote education, to end Female Genital Mutilation, and to shape their community on their own terms. And it also looks the role tourism in supporting these projects.
Should you visit the Maasai of East Africa? This visionary Maasai chief is rewriting the tourist/Maasai dynamic with responsible tourism & social enterprise.
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shannon i want to be with you because i like tourist in my life please
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