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Sometimes I want to do this to my little sister's electronics, just because of the way she talks to my mother and me sometimes. Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.
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You guys are crazy, this man is my new hero, and I hope this becomes a trend among fathers. Keep up the good work IT Cowboy.
Sounds to me like she's had this coming for a long time.
lol.. my baby girl won't be able to get away with anything until I know that I can fully trust her.. rat's, loggers, etc..etc.. ;) then I'll shoot her hardware if she can beat all of that..
well with a father like that its no wonder the daughter acts up, what an idiot!
He's not being a pushover like most parents these days.
The software costs were built in - she needed software specific for school - 130.00 is small change. Anyway...but, Open Source, yes, I agree in whole, so hollow point taken, sir!

Not only is this guy a good shot, you can tell he is in IT - as he COMPLETELY MISSES THE HARDDRIVE WITH EVERY SHOT! I know that model.

I am willing to join a hangout discussing this, but only if laptops are somehow involved.
I think if a gun is involved with the parenting in our house, then something has gone horribly wrong and I have failed as a parent.
'Tips ten gallon hat', Nice work IT Cowboy.....
hahaha i just posted that yesterday, killer ending!
The gunslingin' IT Cowboy! I sense a new meme coming on.
She's probably too spoiled for open source software - he probably put what she wanted on there, not what he wanted, trying to be nice. His feelings are clearly hurt because he did something nice for her and she disrespected him and her mother. Most importantly, this girl knows there are consequences for actions now. If more parents were like this guy - computer savvy enough to know what his daughter does online, caring enough to pay attention, and willing to discipline his children - do you think there'd be half as much cyber-bullying?

Was it necessary to shoot the thing? No, but why not? Easier than mixing up some thermite...
I can understand where he is coming from. But, when are teenagers not being rude obnoxious twits? Plus Why did he buy her a laptop, fancy cellphone, and all the crap she wanted in the first place. My kids have to work for and earn what they get.
Sometimes I'm proud to be from North Carolina. Sometimes.
I applaud him. He at the very least cares enough about his child to pay attention to what she is posting and/or seeing online. I see far to many parents that just let their kids do as they please and do not seem to care.
+Brett Young My mom has told me several times over the years that she is so happy I was such a good kid when I was in my teens. I got a job at 17, only asked for things at Christmas and my bday, and I did my chores. My parents gave me a bit of cash for movies or good report cards, but never for my chores. And if I was bad or hateful to them, I was punished for it. So not all kids are like that, and I really think it depends on both the parenting and the friends a teens surrounds themselves with.
Shannon I work as a computer tech in a high school. I see good and bad kids every day. I do agree with you though. 
As much as I want to applaud this guy (Because whatever else, he actually does care about his kid!) I can't help but feel that this was an inappropriate response. She did some irresponsible things, sure, but what kind of example are you setting by shooting her laptop? Kids have poor judgment because they are kids, instead of shooting things find a way to help them to develop better judgment... Next time she's pissed off with you (And I'll bet it'll be REAL SOON), I wonder if she'll reach for your 45??? That's the lesson you taught.
+Brian Salter +Colleen Radford hey at least he didnt tie her up and beat her with a coat hanger for a few hours like they used to when i was a kid he just got rid of the laptop sounds like a good dad to me
He should have whipped her instead. In my day, if you didn't get a good whipping every day it meant your parents either didn't care about you or you'd hidden the whip. I used to lick the road clean every day just before I went to school Had to suck every last bit of gravel or my pa would horsewhip me and tie me to the back of the buggy before whipping the horse all the way to school where he'd then whip the telegraph pole cause it' weren't not straight enough.

I mean, he obviously cares enough about her that he's willing to shoot a laptop and post it online. What sort of parent wouldn't be willing to shoot the dog if the kids didn't feed it, or shoot his wife if she doesn't do the right thing? "Damn it, you scratched the car, here's hold a laptop while I shoot you, the laptop and the car."

"You mean I didn't pick you up from school on time? Hell, I'd best SHOOT MYSELF. Where's my dang gun now? Quick I missed a bill payment at the bank. They're coming up the road in the pick up. They'll shoot all of us if they can...and we deserve it. Stand still Jimmy while the self-righteous man shoots you. You don't want to annoy him now or he might shoot you again!"

Before anyone comments about their views or opinions being in line with this guy and saying "You dun don't know nothing aboot this dang darn stuff" I have kids. I've spent 25+ years dealing with adults and juvenile offenders, protecting children, helping the less fortunate and dealing with those the rest of the community doesn't want to. I also have post graduate research qualifications on the subject.

I can empathise with his frustration and anger. The guy might be upset. Who wouldn't be, but I fail to see anything about his behaviour that makes him anything other than a self-righteous, violent, aggressive prat. So now he's shown his daughter how she should behave when she's angry. Step it up and be more aggressive and violent. Well done.
i didnt think he looked angry he just loooked to be enjoying himself -sounds like you had a caring pa +Patrick Elliott-Brennan ps indeed well done as agression is the world standard
He replaced parental controls with a pistol. Could have just as well used a baseball bat, or sold it on craigslist. Regardless props for actually monitoring his childs activity online.
Dude, there are better ways of making your computer go faster than to add air holes to it.

Seriously though, I think using the sledgehammer may have more of a cathartic effect but only because i sincerely hope that he took out the battery and hard drive prior to ventilating his daughters laptop. Batteries explode and, unless she had an SSD, hard drives have been known to deflect bullets.

He could have also donated or gazelled it (prior to shooting it).

I agree with the guy but using the Chicago Way to deal with a laptop is a little extreme. Especially since he's not from Chicago.

Anyone know what his daughter's response was?
Those are some sweet speeeeddd holes!
Those are not speed holes, They are air holes, you know... for better cooling.
I watched this the other day and wished that more parents were like that if their kids can't restrain themselves online with the comments and pics that they post.
+Paul Zawolowycz Making a video for Facebook in which you do the same thing you child has just done and then shooting their computer is merely acting the way he claims his daughter has. It's called ROLE MODELLING.

More so, it's NOT discipline. It's aggression. They're not the same thing, regardless of what a great number of people think.

All that said, while I can empathise with the man's frustrations he's just mirroring his daughter (or more so, she's mirroring him) and claiming the moral high ground.
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