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So true. We call it PFM. Pure Freaking Magic. 
So bloody true. Except you need to put a Guy in a ski mask over a laptop for what my parents think I do for me. I totally lost all my skills though.
Just look at the source code for ANYTHING and you know the last frame is true. "LEAVE THIS LINE IN. I DONT KNOW WHY BUT IT F**KING WORKS"
"config file .... auto magically configed it self, thats a security hole somewhere" - Security Pen Test Rule #1
I just had the magic smoke recently. Was so magical that it happened on two power supplies from the same place.

I can only imagine what my parents thing I do. And most of my friends are in the community so that's easy. But trying to explain things on a date has proved interesting. 
Culture jammer. Lulz.
hey , the solution : just format ur Pc or restore your system
Yeah, the "I dont know why this line works, keep it in" is very common in Php :D
+Soco Zarzour doesn't stop MBR installing virii rootkits or ones that can install on the CMOS. There are some fucked up nefarious apps now in the virii world.
Nice that you all just admitted that your hacks and don't know what you're doing.
+Christopher Robert Usually comes with spaghetti. I remember one comment I found like that.. something about how "I don't know what the exclamation point does, but don't take it out!" on a negated equality.. I would have rofl'd, but I had to work on the code..
I worked as a computer tech/teacher for seven years... this picture explains everything!!!!!!
And I keep thinking of the IT CROWD, "have you tried turning it off and back on again?"
+Patrick Roanhouse you can use your recovery disks to get back your software, but not the MB OR RAM if it is toasted ,you should have a external HD for IR, Ps : free stuff is all over the net
Any one know a good site to look into building a media player daemon that will turn on and off a few instances of vlc to play a play-list and a few RDP streams? or even better. A way to merge the streaming capabilities of vlc to the library power and aesthetics of xbmc?
+Nic Boie needless to say it often comes with spaghetti. But I maintain that php often comes with spaghetti, due to the fact that unskilled devs usually start with Php ...
+Christopher Robert Exactly my point. I've waded through countless "Web applications" that look just like that.. no indentation, no separation of any kind.. lots of "DONT DELETE THIS LINE"

My BASIC stuff looks like that, from when I was a kid.. we all start somewhere. :) (GOTO GOTO GOTO AHSHSIDF!!)
Half of working with computers is figuring out why something isn't working,
the other half is figuring out why it is.
His computer works? This photo is from the future --- How did you get this? ;)
+Sami Godwod

I'm more like RD.

Most of the problems I run into are overheating issues. Solution? Make 'em 20% cooler.
This is very accurate, i have learned not to laugh when friends tell me/interpret what i do.
Nobody owns a "telling me the media thinks you fly around in a computer program beating up guys in suits? I must not watch enough tv"... I'm not even sure what one of those is.
I call it the ghost in the machine...
+kevin Johnson i got a windows virus once from running TransGaming wine under linux that corrupted the entire system. Also some rootkits are system only so depends on what is happening but if someone wants to own your machine they will no stopping them if they want to bad enough.
Shaun, your telling him that suggests that you have not fully explored the possible meanings of that sentence. Go ahead and make fun for a common typo, but be prepared to accept ridicule for your comment as well.
It's not really a typo. in 99% of cases today, it's because people are too stupid to use the language correctly that they've been speaking since they were what, 5?

It's one of those things that niggles. And while I'm not gonna outright insult 'em for it, I will rip on them. A bit of good natured ribbing over someone's inaccuracies never hurt anyone.
My job was once described as "PDMS Black Magic Bullshit".. a real quote from upper mgmt..
You have a girlfriend? hawt ;)
Bow down before me, for I am root, bitches...
The last one tells the truth! It always happens!
Chan Li
the media think is funny
This is sadly so true its not even funny.
The fun truth - I just realized that what my boss thinks I do is pretty close to what I actually do! =D
I just wished my IT dept represented any of these pics... but alas, they just want to close my ticket...thanks Dilbert..
Whos the guy in the "What the media thinks i do" picture?
not sure if troll, or hermit. anyways, its Neo (Keanu Reeves)
That what i actually happen..... Right now!!! :-P
I am an Aerospace Engineering student. I understand it. haha hah
Hello, i am new to this site, and im having are hard.finding any of my.friends/ family.. do i have a request sent to me 1st to be able to use it?
+Nikki Frye I'm willing to help you understand Google+
but tell me clearly what exactly you need to know :)
the tech support one was much better :)
not quite understand the last pic
Haha this is probably the most accurate depiction I ever saw XD
if "its working but I have no idea how" is your work, you better not be in computer security... flippin burgers is more suited.
switch it OFF and then back ON usually work for... well, everything :)
"Just reboot it, it will work"
"But it's not Windows!"
"Then pull the plug, reconect, hit the switch"
This is totally how i explain my job. I love this - Thanks snubs!!!
Huh? What ! Oh yeah it Works!
//I guess if you put a slash here it works only if it has # in front of it...........Blah....blah
//Well it WORKS! who cares!?
Dont be so busy.  some time is also needed for yourself.  If you have
not any lover be careful and search any reason to smile.
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