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Shannon Morse

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LastPass Loses to LostPass - Threat Wire
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Shannon Morse

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Shannon Morse

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Merry Christmas!
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Shannon Morse

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Happy holiday
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Host of Hak5, HakTip, TekThing, ThreatWire, Snubs Report and more!
Shannon Morse is an all-around geeky new media host from Missouri, USA. She currently works with Hak5 as a host, Discovery Digital Media as a host on Tekzilla, and at as a host on Coding 101.

Shannon is an army brat who has lived all over the USA. She currently resides in the Bay Area. She graduated from Missouri State University in 2008 with a major in Hospitality and Restaurant Administration.

After working at several Domino’s Pizza franchises, Shannon landed her job with Hak5, a podcast on the Revision3 network, and has been producing and hosting the show for a few years. During her time in California, she started producing Before You Buy on TWiT and hosts an audio podcast called Bite Club Show, as well as hosted on Tekzilla at Discovery Digital Media.

When not geeking out with work, Shannon enjoys video games, manga, anime, traveling, building computers, and spending time with her family and friends. She has some experience in acting, voice acting, singing, modeling, and broadcast / news journalism.

Shannon has also made appearances on such podcasts as Buzz Out Loud on CNET, On Deck with Matt Harris on Butterscotch, Tech News Today, and Fourcast with Tom Merritt on the TWIT network.
Shannon is welcome to interviews, guest hosting spots, and just plain fun get-togethers! Please email shannon AT hak5 DOT org for inquiries.
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San Francisco, CA
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Shannon Morse

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I ordered from this store tonight at 7:20 pm via the online website. The delivery driver left the store at 8:32 and didn't arrive until around 9:30. After he left, we checked our meal and he completely forgot all of the sauces I ordered. I called and spoke to a CSR, who promptly put me on hold, then hung up. I called back and spoke to Jessica Quintero, who said she is the manager. I told her that I expected better from Domino's (I used to work there - L.E.A.D.S). She told me he was the only driver, that it would take another hour to get my sauces. I told her the food was getting cold and fixing a customers problem should be more important to her. She repeatedly told me it would take another hour, and basically shut me down. She didn't care when I told her I was disappointed in the service, and that I would talk to corporate. She didn't represent Domino's as the company should be. It is now 9:52, and the sauces have yet to arrive. I just wasted $40 on food. EDIT: Update for 6/26 - My husband decided to try Domino's again tonight and ordered a pizza and breadsticks. The pizza was perfect (although very late). They delivered cinnasticks instead of breadsticks, so he called at 9PM and requested they deliver the breadsticks (since we wanted dinner - not dessert!). It's now 10:30 and our breadsticks haven't arrived. Looks like we're going to bed hungry tonight!
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Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
Made reservation via open table, got a confirmation. When we got to zabu zabu right on the dot for our reservation, we were told the wait would be a half hour because they were 'really busy'. We waited 50 minutes to be seated. The food was very good, but not worth a 50 minute wait. Ambiance was fun, loud. Food was an acceptable price. Our soda ran dry, and our gas for shabu shabu went out and had to be replaced. The waitress didn't stop by after our food was delivered until I looked her right in the eyes from my table. We saw the busser more than the waitress (he even took our check!). They only serve rolls for sushi, not nigiri or sashimi. And if one person wants all you can eat shabu at the table, EVERYONE has to get all you can eat. They charge a 15% service charge on AYCE tables. So service = 2, food = 4.
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Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
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ReliaTech has moved and is no longer at this address.
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
I'm not entirely sure why this place has over 4 stars on Google. Took about 10 minutes til someone took our order. She forgot our sodas and our appetizer came out at the same time as our sushi dinners. The sushi was good, but not outstanding. We had to wait a bit for our check as well. So service was pretty bad, food was average.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago