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Shannon Lim

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Shannon: So many compliments and wishes are coming in!

Norbert: Ya, everyone compliments about the bride and the dress. For our wedding vow renewal, I'm gonna wear a kilt and show off my legs

Shannon: What are your ancestors going to say? :O

We are overwhelmed by all your love and congratulatory messages!
We vow to keep our love safe and sacred, nurture it every moment of every day.
And always remind ourselves to be silly :P

May you too be blessed with abundance of love, joy and happiness  <3
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I think you will find it keeps getting better :-)
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Shannon Lim

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Almost 3 years ago, somewhere on Google+ space, +Norbert de Rooy​​ and I started exchanging conversations about food. I was intrigued by this Dutch man's knowledge and love for Asian food and travel. A few months later, I casually mentioned that "If you ever come visit KL, I can show you around town". He actually took up my offer! OH GOSH, call me crazy but I thought he came to Malaysia to visit me.. haha (How unashamed of me! He denied that was the reason he came to Malaysia the first time! hehehe)  

Even though we met only 3 times in KL, it felt like I've known him my entire life. I felt a special connection, and tried hinting to him, but there was no response.. It was sad when he flew back to The Netherlands. The minute he landed in his country, he messaged me "I'm coming back to Malaysia in December to see you".. WOOHOO!!!
And we have been "inseparable" ever since! 

I've never believed long distance relationship will work out until I met +Norbert de Rooy​​. Sometimes no words need to be uttered even though we are thousand of kilometers apart, we seem to be able to read each other's mind. 

My number 1 Fan, my Best Friend, My Love <3

Thank you +Google+​​ for bringing us together!!! And we believe +Shinae Choi Robinson​ plays a role in us meeting

#lovestory #googleplus #wedding #newlyweds

P/S: I know many people were horrified when I first tell them how I met Norbert, that the internet is a dangerous place. Please do your due diligence, check out that person's background, and meet a stranger at a busy public place, preferably bring your friend/s along. 

P/SS: There's many many awesome Plussers!!!
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I am so glad +Shannon Lim. I will tell my sweetie!
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Shannon Lim

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An awesome 1.5mx1.5m mini garden on the sidewalk with about 20 different plants! Apple, strawberries, capsicum, zucchini, various herbs & flowers! I am so inspired by this little gem, so many plants in such a small space! I'm sure almost everyone have this size space in their house! No more excuse there's not enough space #urbangarden
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Yeah my grandpa's pumpkin plant crawl all over the garden +Geraldine G​!
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Shannon Lim

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It's encouraging to see the reconsideration around the role of cholesterol... it's about time (about 40 years late, actually)!

'For decades they (eggs and butter) have been blacklisted as foods to avoid, the cause of deadly thickening of the arteries, heart disease and strokes. But the science which warned us off eating eggs – along with other high-cholesterol foods such as butter, shellfish, bacon and liver – could have been flawed, a key report in the US has found. Doctors are now focusing concern on sugar as the biggest dietary threat'
In a move signalling a dramatic change of stance on the issue, the US government is to accept advice to drop cholesterol from its list of 'nutrients of concern'.
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Whatever +Shannon Lim . Until some years back, I used to consume 2 eggs every day (and occasionally chicken and fish). For some reason, I gave it all for a couple months and I realized I felt lot lighter. I have continued without them ever since :-) Just sharing my experience. 
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Shannon Lim

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Being overweight are often misunderstood as a result of overeating. It is more complicated than that. Thanks +Dr. John Cassone for clarifying!
Dr. John Cassone originally shared to Art of Medicine:
My Last Poll:
If a person is overweight does it necessarily mean they over-eat?
("over-eat" used generally in comparison to others of similar disposition that are not overweight)

[See poll or comment on original post:] 
[My Response:]

Excellent Discussion Thread!
You guys rock!

This is a very sensitive topic. The people who suffer weight gain have to endure constant criticism from those that do not understand the complexity of the problem in addition to a never-ending stream of self judgement. Frustration levels are high. This post could have easily degraded into a mud slinging match but instead a great conversation unfolded.

Professionally, I have spent decades in the trenches with this population. The presentation looks the same (big people) however, each case is completely unique with a vast range of possible contributing factors. 

The simple answer to the post question is: NO
This is answer is absolute and not negotiable or even controversial from a physiological perspective.

True in General:
► eat too much = get fat
► don't exercise enough = get fat
►  eat less = fat loss
► exercise more = fat loss

This simple principle is always at play which is why nearly ever comment on the thread has an element of truth. Even the comment about scarce food or prison camp diets (barbaric analogy, btw) has some validity.

The human body is in a constant state of physiological compensation. This balancing act is called homeostasis and it is extremely complex involving an orchestration of every major system in the body. The stronger the constitution, the better the body is at adjusting to external stressors.

Chemicals, toxins, poor food choices, high calories, heeps of sugar, alcohol, medications, emotional states, sedentary states, twinkies, or any other subtle or extreme condition or poison is experienced as a disruptor to the balance of the system. A perfect system will adjust. 

Yup - some people can start their day with doughnuts, eat pop tarts on their smoke breaks from their job at a toxic dump, drink beer on their once a day walk upstairs to the tv, while they avoid all vegetables and never gain weight.

Weight gain is a symptom that the body is not able to compensate and homeostasis has been compromised.

This phenomena can occur if any of the major systems is in a state of poor function: endocrine, immune, digestive, nervous, circulatory, and additional subsystems. 

10 over weight people with 10 completely different states of homeostatic dysregulation will all look the same: fat.

Can Exercise and Diet Fix all Fatties?
No. Hell no.

Whereas mild disruption to homeostasis can be dramatically influenced and even corrected by diet and lifestyle change, major disruption needs careful investigation of the causative factors with treatment monitored by a professional with experience (not all doctors are trained in Functional Medicine).

Attempting to eat less and exercise more as the only corrective approach, when medical help is needed, is not only exhausting but it is unrealistic to maintain long term.

Prison Camp Diet
Not all people will lose body fat in conditions of scarce food supply. In fact, many overweight patients have assimilation disorders and are already in states of malnutrition while they are fat. They are starving because their physiologic dysfunction is not allowing them to access the nutrients they consume (which contributes to abnormal and unbearable states of hunger).

People that lose weight on extreme dietary restriction (e.g. HCG Diet, prison camp diet, lost in the woods, etc.) often suffer muscle loss and additional damage to parts of the system that were already broken. In others words, you see them get thinner while they actually are getting sicker as the root cause has not been treated. These people typically gain back the weight plus more when any regular amount of food is consumed again.

Keep in mind, I haven't even discussed the psychological aspects which I could write an entire book on.

Bottom Line:
► don't judge
► if you are able to manage your health through diet and lifestyle change then do so
► if your state of health is beyond diet and lifestyle influences then seek medical help from a doctor trained in function medicine (medical models focused on root cause, treating causative factors, and repairing normal function to the areas in need)

"When the organs systems of the body are fully functional there is no disease." - Dr. John

Post comments to original post:

In particular, I want to thank +Pam Adger for steering the conversation in the right direction while I was unable to respond until this morning. 

#Integrative   #Medicine 
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You're welcome +Shannon Lim! Thanks for sharing :)
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Shannon Lim

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Sitting so demurely, after 4 hours of double boiling, for my health benefits.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ‪#‎ginseng‬ has the ability to replenish vitality, nourish the internal organs, promote metabolism, relieve fatigue and boost the immune system.

As with all ‪#‎naturalremedies‬, there is no quick fix remedy. It takes time to balance back the inefficiencies in your system. For best results, consult a ‪#‎TCM‬ doctor for personalised remedy based on your health.

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Me too! 😀
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Shannon Lim

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+Dr. John Cassone​ not too late!
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Shannon Lim

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Ditched the old teflon pan. Testing new #Ballarini #ceramic pan. Anyone has any feedback on ceramic pans?

#brunch #eggporn
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Shannon Lim

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My 10-12 year old young chefs in action. I'm already missing these kiddos. The Creative Dance Play looks so much fun! 
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So cool to get to watch you work!
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Shannon Lim

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Happy Weekend!
Made weekend pancakes Shannon's style <3 Buckwheat Oat pancakes are one of my fav #glutenfree #dairyfree breakfast on my blog
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Enjoy 😊😊😊
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