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For all the women who made history, and the next generations to come. #WWC2015 #MoreThanAMatch #OkGoogle
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Shannon Lewandowski

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Don’t toss that old Android: Turn it into a Chromecast receiver!
Summary: With the right cable you can connect and Android device to an HDTV. Add in Cast Receiver software and your Android can act like a Chromecast for many different apps and for screensharing.
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Shannon Lewandowski

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The Best Seat in the House for Sunday’s Comet Flyby Is Mars
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Shannon Lewandowski

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Insightful post from +Robert Scoble on a recent visit to Samsung
What is it like visiting Samsung's Headquarters in Korea on "Apple day?"

Quite intense.

Shel Israel and I were asked to speak to two audiences at Samsung today of its top engineers and executives about our book and findings "Age of Context." Our slides from our presentation are here:

So, what did I learn?

1. Everyone we met asked us very intelligent and deep questions, some of which I struggled to answer. That tells me they are an inquisitive, smart, culture, which matches the products they've shipped to date.

2. They are proud of their culture of "get it done." They are very hard working and are proud of that culture. Our guide said he had to go back to work on Friday afternoon. This culture felt a lot harder working than some of the other big companies I've been involved in, which explains how every year at CES they come out with stunning new screens and devices.

3. They know they have many problems, particularly in PR relations with the rest of the world that they are working on. Language and culture is a barrier that I only observed from the outside before today. Many of their workers and execs don't speak English as their first language, which makes it tough for both of us to understand and share with each other. I think that explains a lot about how Samsung is perceived in America and other Western countries.

They are working on innovation and getting ahead of the rest of the market. They know that the only way to gain more customers is to bring out new products that thrill users. We urged the execs to be far more visible on Facebook and Twitter, but I sense that many struggle with English and see writing in public as a risk.

4. They are working on many sensor programs to do things that will study our health in deep detail (and do other things, as well, we had lengthy discussions about health and fashion). I don't know what they want discussed in public about future product plans, so I'll leave that out, but I'm quite amazed at some of the things they are working on. I bet that Apple and Google are working on many of the same things. The future is going to have an endless supply of innovations in wearable devices here.

5. They are just as freaked about by our talk as all other audiences are. In other words, they are just as scared of privacy intrusions as the rest of the world is (even while admitting that products of the future will need to collect and use a TON of data to serve us). I feel the challenge of product developers at all these companies who are struggling to figure out how to provide new utility without consequences from the collection of a LOT of very personal data.

By the way, I never was derided for pulling out my iPhone and shooting photos. Several execs showed me their iPhones (all were carrying various Samsung models too). This tells me they are very focused on Apple as a formidable competitor. I would expect that if I got the same tour at Apple that execs there would carry around Samsung phones to know what the competitor's strengths and weaknesses are. (My friend Andy Grignon, who worked for Steve Jobs, told me that is indeed the case, at Apple they all carried various competitor's phones to understand what made them good and bad).

In its museum you see a TON of innovations from elsewhere in the world (I loved seeing the old American TVs and radios, washing machines, and other devices that I grew up with). I really like this culture of understanding that much of the world's technological innovation and great product design came from other places. I can just see being a young engineer and walking around the museum and understanding the world's tech history and just how hard it is to build products that break through and thrill users.

It is also interesting how visiting a company's headquarters changes your perspective. I can see that consumers will continue to win as this great company continues to battle not just other giants in Asia, like LG and Sony, but Apple and other companies.

As I unpack my new iPhone 6 Plus on Saturday after I get home, I'll be thinking about the pressure that Samsung puts on Apple to continuously improve too. As I walk around Korea and I see so many large Samsung phones being used in the street I know that Apple is playing catchup in many ways to Samsung.

This competition makes us all winners, no matter which side of the fence we are on.

Thank you to the hundreds of Samsung employees who we met today. You have inspired me in a big way.
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Shannon Lewandowski

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Barclays brings finger-vein biometrics to Internet banking
Two-factor authentication that uses one finger.
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Thats cool. 
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Shannon Lewandowski

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Move over Emeril: Robot learns how to prep food from YouTube
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Wow awesome
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This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through Oct 25)
Sometimes, we need to take a look at technologies, their trends, and their consequences from alternative points of view. This week, a slew of
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Ford cars will soon start scanning the streets for wayward pedestrians
Summary: The European Modeo will be the first Ford car with Pedestrian Detection, which uses radar and camera sensors to identify pedestrians in or near the vehicle’s path.
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Vjk Fjj
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A few more pics of the iMac with retina 5k screen. Redonkulous.
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MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis steps down, will lead new ‘Innovation Workshop’ at Stratasys, Jenny Lawton is the new CEO
Summary: MakerBot president Jenny Lawton will step up to lead the five-year-old company, which was purchased by Stratasys last year.
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+Mike Elgan, This  is  #HowIWatchTnT : During my work commute and errands, I listen at double-speed to get through more TWiT network podcasts (TnT, TWiT, TWiG, the Social Hour, iPad Today, Triangulation and others) using PocketCast on my Moto X and Belkin bluetooth car audio connect. 

#HowDoYouWatchTnT ?
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Awesome! (When I listen to TWiT shows and podcasts, I can't quite handle 2x -- I typically go for about 1.7x. Impressive!) 
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Digital Innovator, Technology Strategist
  • Rockfish
    VP, Business Innovations, 2012 - present
  • Possible Worldwide
    Senior Systems Analyst, 2009 - 2012
  • Fidelity Investments
    Manager, Enterprise Development, 2006 - 2009
  • SARK, a Division of Software Architects, Inc.
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Love Technology, Google, Social, Mobile, Podcasts, Cycling,Yoga, Traveling
Love technology. I really love the challenge of keeping up with all things mobile, digital, social, Google, educational and futuristic. I have a passion for learning.

As Director of Enterprise Solutions, I work with our clients to identify and apply disruptive innovations inside their businesses. We have had success activating solutions that include creating new executive KPI dashboards for tablets, designing mobile applications that enable employees to view and update their schedules and benefits, using agile early in discovery to deliver prototypes, and working with clients to create social intranets that connect and engage a disconnected workforce. 

Former NKU Basketball player, high school volleyball player, long-time runner with bad knees forced to turn to road cycling, heated yoga, swimming, weights, and elliptical.  

Have a great family with great support: a wonderful husband in Adam and we have two beautiful girls, 10 years apart.  

Favorite Trip: We took an incredible trip to New Zealand in 2007 with Active New Zealand and would love to get back there and discover so many other places.

My Posts are usually one of the following (Circles to place me in): Technology, Enterprise, Women in Tech, Social Media, Google+, Mobile, Android, Marketing, Education, Fitness, Cincinnati, User Experience, Women in STEM

Some of my favorite podcasts: +TWIT, TWIG, +Manic Mommies, This American Life, +TED Talks, +The Moth, The Social Hour, Triangulation 

Bragging rights
NKU Hall of Famer, DII Final Four B-baller, Survived the switch from Enterprise IT to Digital Agency Technology, Mother of two very strong and independent girls
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Living A (Data) Rich Life In The Age of Context

A decidedly unbiased review of the new book by Shel Israel and Robert Scoble.

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We always have an incredible experience at Bouquet. The menu is local and always in season. Dishes are very unique and so delicious. It is a very cozy place and the wine list is excellent.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Pick a wine is a fun experience, great atmosphere -- great for a group dinner or date.
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Incredible experience and service. The food is leaves you wanting to try more.
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8 reviews
Incredible Service. This is the perfect place to pick out a Christmas tree and wreath with your family.They offer to freshly cut and deliver the tree if you don't have room to bring it home with you. But, if you do, they will wrap it up and help you get it in your car as well as help you back on busy Stevenson Road. My husband insists on a real tree and we used to drive around between many home improvement stores, but we are always able to find a beautiful tree quickly here. No more driving around and standing in the cold!
• • •
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Incredible atmosphere, food, and pairings.
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Very small and cozy place. Amazing food.
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