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Shannon Hilson (Cat)

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Me soaking up the schadenfraude online.
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Shannon Hilson (Cat)

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Works for any of the arts, really.
The only photographer you should compare yourself to . . .
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Shannon Hilson (Cat)

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I feel like this is the kind of information you think you'll never need. Until something unforeseen happens that makes you go "shit, I'm glad I knew that". #LifeHacks
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Good to know
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Shannon Hilson (Cat)

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I don't get people that whine and complain when other people are reluctant to just give away valuable information they've learned through actual hard work and experience. I get it even less when they're confused as to why.

It's like... fuck no, I'm not going to just tell you how to do something it's probably taken me a lifetime to learn myself. I'm certainly not going to tell you how to do it exactly the way I do it. I'll either charge you for the privilege of learning it from me or I'll tell you to fuck off because I don't want you copying me. Probably the latter.

No one likes the person that expects to be allowed to copy off of another person's paper in school. If it's important enough to you, do the work yourself.
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Shannon Hilson (Cat)

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Ah, a cephalopod I hadn't heard of yet. It's been a while since I discovered a new creature to love.
That feeling when you remember your scientific name is Wunderpus photogenicus. This stunning cephalopod has returned to our Tentacles exhibition! Learn more about the wunderpus:
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svet crasivo priroda
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Shannon Hilson (Cat)

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I've put off actually configuring my Google Calendar with all of my deadlines, and appointments, and whatnot literally for years. I guess I thought that because I handle 99% of what I need to from my computer at home that that somehow meant I'm not busy enough to really need an actual system set up.

Then yesterday I set it up just because I felt like organizing something. Now that I'm looking at it all with my own two eyes, it's really, really clear how many different dates and deadlines I do hold in my head at a given time, especially when I schedule deadlines and whatnot well into the future. I'm now not sure how I was managing to keep track of all that without any real organizational system, because this thing is good and full.
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Shannon Hilson (Cat)

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Oven dried tomatoes I made the other day with some of our super-abundance of CSA heirlooms. They're already gone, they were so good! 
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Shannon Hilson (Cat)

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Normally I'm not a fan of those aspirational images where... say... a cat is looking in the mirror and seeing the lion he aspires to be. But I really dig this one.

You know why? Because a pawn can actually make it to where the king sits and become one of the other pieces. It's difficult. It doesn't happen to every pawn or even most pawns, but it is possible. A cat will always be a cat and never, ever a lion no matter how hard he wishes or how fervently he believes in himself.

Also, it is worth noting that even in its current form, that pawn can potentially destroy a king. It's not as powerless as it might think it is.
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Shannon Hilson (Cat)

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Yummy tacos Seth made with some leftover chuck roast I made a couple nights ago and some Danish bleu cheese leftover from our Midsummer house picnic on Saturday. Also white onion and cucumber from our CSA. #ThisIsHowYouLeftover #CSA
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Shannon Hilson (Cat)

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Tell me the truth or tell me nothing at all.
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Shannon Hilson (Cat)

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I never knew I needed a kitchen squirrel in my life until exactly this moment.

Kitchen squirrel^^
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Full-time professional writer and creative consultant. Part-time artist, critic, and food slut.
I'm a full-time freelance copywriter, critic, and ghostwriter from California. In my free time, I also maintain multiple blogs and social media accounts as a way of expressing myself, recording my life, and connecting with other people. Technically speaking, I also write fiction and poetry, as well as create visual artwork, but I don't have as much time for those things as I'd like these days. 

When I'm not in front of one of my various screens either writing or reading, I'm probably studying something random, cooking, gaming, or simply hanging out with my fiancé (who also just so happens to be my best friend). I'm an excessively curious, introverted, and occasionally outspoken person that appreciates the simple things in life. I'm enjoying the process of exploring my personal story a little bit at a time.
Bragging rights
My life's honestly still pretty average at this point in time, so I don't think I have many bragging rights yet. I've produced a lot of writing, made a lot of art, and had a lot of semi-interesting thoughts. That's really about it. I feel like anything brag-worthy is really still ahead of me, waiting to be accomplished.
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