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I am just about 9 months pregnant gaining weight rapidly, about a pound a week. I don’t mind the number on the scale as long as I can keep firm and toned during my pregnancy. In my experience it’s been easier to get back to my pre pregnancy body if I maintain muscle tone. My theory is the more I can do before baby, the less work I have to do when he gets here.

Clarins’ new Body Fit is that extra step in your fitness routine that you never knew you needed. A couple weeks ago, I started using Clarins’ new Body Fit cream along with my treadmill (walking at an incline) to fight and target my stubborn unwanted cellulite to get me ready for my baby moon. I used my cream during my trip & have continued to use the cream even after in hopes to prevent cellulite.

I’ve noticed a major improvement since using Clarins’ Body Fit cream. My legs haven’t felt this healthy in a long time. They look smoother and feel more firm, especially behind my thighs. I also love the great cooling sensation and how it dries quickly.

My skin started looking and feeling smoother in just a week. Clarins’ Body Fit cream is a light, non-oily texture with a pleasant fragrance and does an amazing job at correcting and preventing cellulite.

But how?

The ingredients in Clarins’ Body Fit stimulates fat release and limits fat storage. I have personally noticed the changes in my skin, especially in the thigh area, feeling lifted, smoother & firmer. I will definitely be using Clarins’ Body Fit post baby to help me tone and to get swimsuit ready, again.

I highly recommend Clarins’ Body Fit for all of you who are like me, who hate fighting gravity and cellulite.

*Warning… you will get addicted to this product and you will see results!*

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Taking full advantage of the first day of spring! The calendar said first day of spring, the forecast said rain, all I know is rain or shine spring you are fully welcome here at the Bird house.

We had fun puddle jumping & playing at the park today as it was start & start rain this afternoon 🙂

Spring you are off to a great start!

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Sundays are the best for so many reasons. It’s the one day a week I try to get really ready, shaving legs included, which you would have no idea how hard that is getting. The one day a week I wear high heels, even if it is just for 3 hrs. pretty sure if there wasn’t a Sunday I would have a very dusty heel collection. The one day a week I get to take as long as a nap as I need, husbands orders. And the day of the week my baby changes into a different sized fruit as told by my app. This week baby is the size of a pineapple, but I swear it feels more like a watermelon - See more at:

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Happiness is… Your best friend calling you & telling you she’s pregnant at the same time as you!

Seems like it was just yesterday she called and told me we she was pregnant, and now she is calling me to tell me she is in labor with her twins. I couldn’t be more excited for you Nadya to meet your sweet angels tonight. You’ve made my fourth pregnancy so fun & I have loved being pregnant with you!

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1 island : 2 locations {with completely different experience} = a lifetime of memories

My biggest question I would say that I got on my trip was what part of the island did you like better and what hotel was better?

That’s like comparing a pet (entertainment is at your fingertips) to a free range chicken (you seek adventures). Both are amazing and a must, but completely different experiences.

Like I said in my previous post, I was really hesitant leaving Aulani and going to Turtle Bay. I always say once you’ve been to one 5 star you’ve been to them all. I was expecting a fancy pool, older crowd, chill.

It was a lot more chill, think surf culture. The first day Hudson asked where all the different pools and characters were, we had to explain this is going to be different. There were a lot of baby mooners at Turtle Bay, a few kids, and an incredible view. The waves were insane about 15 feet. Our room overlooked the ocean. The cool way the hotel is layed out I believe all rooms are ocean view, but I could be wrong. If you do book make sure you are facing just the ocean and not the pool and the ocean. Because the rooms where you are facing just the ocean have a balcony where you can watch the sunrise/sunset (if you are in your room at night) and listen to the waves crash. It was so incredible.

It was more than beautiful! I didn’t fully appreciate it until after the first day and I stopped comparing the two. I realized that this is a complete different part of the trip and instead of being constantly entertained it was our turn to go seek adventures. My first advice while here would be get a rental car

The location is surrounded by so many fun things to-do. I loved getting breakfast at the local hotspot Hukilau Cafe. Visiting BYU campus, the LDS Temple grounds, getting a tour of my little sisters first and current home, seeing all her friends as they were all walking their babies in strollers, can we say mini provo – lol – I loved seeing how life as a mother would be island style.

We loved atv’ing through tropical Hawaii, zip-lining, watching pro surfers at the Pipeline, seeing turtles at Turtle Beach, and shopping in Halwaieva.

Haleiwa was by far my favorite town and has the best shaved ice, shopping, and pork! Haleiwa has the best food on the island in my opinion.

At night we loved coming back to our hotel ordering apps and drinks (virgin daiquiris of course) listening/dancing to live music and watching the sunset.

The perfect schedule for Turtle Bay for us was to swim in the morning at the pool. Get out and do something adventurous during the day. Come home to get a little sweet drink, dance to live music and watch the kids fade to dream land in the light of the sunset and to the view and sounds of the waves crashing and going through blowholes right before our eyes. … REPEAT.

I loved the way my husband planned our trip. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate our baby moon and growing family. I had never been to Oahu and to be quite honest I wasn’t much of a Hawaii fan before this trip and after visiting one other island multiple times. I was super bummed about the Zika virus and only got cleared to go to Hawaii. I am all about entertainment on trips, not being chill, and my past experiences led me to believe I couldn’t get that in Hawaii, I had to go foreign. But I have a new perspective and love for Hawaii. And I really can’t wait to go back with the 6 of us and do it all over again!

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I think the best way to describe Aulani is to imagine that you’re on a magical Island you never want to leave. You have everything at your fingertips from family water slides, a meandering lazy river with waterfalls, a Mickey’s Beach party and especially Auntie’s Beach house!!! (more on that later) They even have their own snorkel reef by the splash pads, so you can swim with hundreds of exotic and tropical fish…It was a dream!

I am writing this review for so many reasons. Mostly because I had heard some mixed reviews from friends who also visited Aulani, so I wanted to add my 2 cents. In full disclosure I have to say I loved it! So much so that I was super emotional when we left and I debated canceling our second destination because I didn’t want to leave. It was pure magic!

We stayed 7 nights in Aulani and I felt I could just move right in and never leave. Before arriving on Oahu, I had a long list of places I wanted to visit with the free rental car supplied with our trip. However, with each day being better and more exciting than the last, I just couldn’t leave the magic. I went to the grocery store one time (at 6:30 AM) which is right by the resort via golf cart returning immediately, never to leave the hotel again until departure.

We loved the character breakfast, where we were treated to a delicious all you can eat buffet with a wide selection of food for both children and adults. The many Disney Characters interact with your children, giving each of them individual time to hug and play with their favorite friends. This was our family’s first ever character dining experience and it won’t be a last.

There is a bippity-boppity boo there, just like Disney Land & Disney World. This is where your little princess can combine the spirit of the Islands with the magic of Disney and be transformed into Moana.

In addition to Auntie’s Beach House, there is also a community center where you can do children and family actives together such as making leis, designing boats, rent movies, other parent involved activities.

Now on to on my favorites perks of Aulani….Aunties Beach House!! This is the Disney child care and main activity center where you can drop your children (those over the age of 3) where they will be cared for by the very attentive Beach House staff. Be sure to pre-register your children for the their favorite events, as they do fill up fast. However, you are able to sign up at opening each day for activities that may have been unavailable for pre-registration.

It was always a party for the kids and every time we would pick them up they would beg to stay longer. One activity we signed up allowed Hudson & Holland to make goo with Stitch, they also learned how to hula, then they went to a Kings & Queens of comedy show where they were highly entertained by the talented staff. Hudson could not stop laughing every time he tried telling us about the comedy show…he just loved it and was so impressed Holland went on stage and told a joke.

Almost every night we went on dates together, except for one night where I felt bad for leaving the kids behind. However, the joke was on us as we were the ones who got ditched as they endlessly requested to be allowed to go back to Auntie’s beach house. They only agreed to leave after dinner bc there was an outdoor movie playing on the great lawn where we were supplied with a bamboo matt and the entertainment Aladdin!

My kids really loved Mickey’s & Goofy’s daily beach parties at 2pm. They had the funnest activities from dances, races, music & games. My kids also thought it was so cool that the characters could get wet.

Needless to say we are already planning our next trip back to Aulani!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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This morning the kids stayed home from school for several reasons, mostly because we didn’t wake up in time. The time change on top of losing an additional hour, thank you daylight savings, has us all over the place. Plus we have a house full of cousins.

I had Dallin’s brothers watch some of my kids as I went into my Dr’s. So happy Baby is now head down, a little over 24 hrs ago he was breach, so that is a relief. I haven’t dilated anymore so that is great too, and also my stomach measurement is measuring a week ahead so I’ll take it, although I am kind of blaming that one on my vacation 🙂

I get home and the brothers want to take the kids sledding. I was a little nervous having them take Briton, but he was determined to go. So I hopped in the van, causing one of the brothers to now have to sit in the third row between two carseats. Which was HILARIOUS! We dropped him off at the nearest car rental because it was just too much for him 🙂

So here I am now, taking it easy in my car blogging, eating a Jimmy John, and watching my kids sled with their cousins. Life is good. And I secretly hope the East Coast storm doesn’t ease up and all the flights continue to cancel so they never leave. I love having built in sitters, chaperones, & friends for my kids.

Today I am feeling grateful for a great support system from both my families, my related ones and my virtual one.

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When I wrote “lets go home & have a baby” on my instagram I didn’t mean right away. Last night I went into active pre-term labor. I was so nervous because I was only 34 weeks.

After flying via red-eye from Hawaii to Utah we came home and were greeted by Dallins family who’s staying with us for the week to ski. Which has been great as they take the kids and as I unpack. I start feeling Braxton Hicks, which is pretty normal being I am 8 and half month pregnant now, I keep cleaning.

We meet at my parents home, check in with them, show them the kids tans and chit-chat. I can hardly sit down and occasionally lose my breath. I keep having to go to the bathroom never relieving my “I gotta pee” urge. My Braxton Hicks are starting to feel more like contractions and I am feeling them even down below. My mom tells me if they get worse to go into the Dr.s and to keep her posted as we leave.

I download a contraction tracker app and see they are 3-4 mins apart lasting 30 seconds. We are about to meet Dallin’s family at Cafe Rio and I tell Dallin I feel burning below and wonder if this is the “ring of fire” those who have had natural birth talk about.

I drop off my kids and Dallin and drive myself to the nearest hospital. Pulling over as every contraction starts to intensify. I don’t know what is going on, but I knew there was a way to stop labor if I was truly in it, or so I hoped.

I go in. Sure enough I am contracting every 3-4 mins. I have started to dilate so they give me the terbulatine shot behind my arm which actually burns and instantly makes me start to shake.

I take a urine sample and they do the unpleasant fetal fibronectin test (that tells if you are going to have your baby in the next two weeks) it came back negative, but the only concern was that my cervix was indeed dilating.

I was monitored for a while, and got news that I have an UTI. And that UTI’s do indeed cause you to go into preterm labor. I was/am hopeful that once I get that taken care of my contractions will stop and that my baby will be full term vs. preterm.

UTI’s are common in long flights while pregnant I learned, especially with a lap rider snuggling on you the entire way. I was discharged and sent home with antibiotics.

Today I am so grateful I get to grow baby “B” Bird for a while longer while he continues to develop. And that I still have some time to nest and get ready for his big debut.

#pretermlabor   #34weekspregnant   #uti  

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There is nothing quite like a mother’s touch when you are feeling under the weather. Even at the age of 28, I still long to be taken care of by my mother when I’m not feeling my best.
We at the Bird House have had a serious case of spring fever – literal spring fever. Already having more than our fair share of coughs, sneezes, and earaches: you know, all the fun stuff the change of the weather brings.

As one season ends and another one begins, the sibling sleepovers don’t have to come to a close. My children love having sleepovers with one another, but if one has a cough it can mean a long night and longer day for all of us, which is why we love our Vicks® VapoRub™. I have found with a touch of love combined with Vicks® VapoRub™ all my little loves can still sleep together while we all get a good night’s rest.

When the coughs start up I will go to my medicine cabinet and grab the Vicks® VapoRub™. This is always the perfect way to end our day and start our good night’s rest. I take my pointer and middle finger and swirl a dollop of Vicks® VapoRub™. My kids all know what this means as they flip on their tummies and lift their shirts as I gently massage the Vicks® VapoRub™ onto their chests and backs.

Maybe when they are grown, they won’t associate with me any certain perfume, but rather the smell of Vicks® VapoRub™ and remember the way they all used to fit in a bed and the way their mother used to love them by a simple touch of love.

**For those of you who love a good coupon, like myself, you can find some here**

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Current situation it is 4:30 am and no one can sleep, well nobody but Hudson that is. I am usually a “sleeper inner” like Hudson, but I am way too excited to close my eyes. So I am blogging, naturally.

Yesterday we flew out of SLC around noon and landed around 3pm Hawaii time (it’s a 4hr. difference for us) after a long flight we had no idea what time of day it was, we didn’t even know if we were hungry and/or tired, all we knew is that we needed to get in our swimsuits asap!

Upon arrival we were greeted with gifts. All the kids got turtle necklaces, the girls got real leis, and Dallin got a brown beaded necklace.

When I got lei’d, mine was “broken”, or so I thought. The staff then told me my lei was “broken/cut” on purpose. Because a pregnant lady should never wear a lei unless it is open ended, it is bad luck. The lei represents the umbilici chord, and if you wear a non cut lei your baby will be born with the chord around it’s neck, or so they say.

So needless to say I will be wearing only open ended lei’s while here on my baby moon. Both my boys both had their umbilici chords wrapped around their necks, Britons even had a true knot in his, so it would be really great if Baby B avoids all that.

Today we explore the hotel-I am loving all the Mickey touches, the pools, lagoons, and beach. I need to get familiar with “my island”. We swam in the first pool we saw and ate at first restaurant we walked by so this is probably why I can’t currently sleep, I’m just too excited to go explore.


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