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I agree that people are too busy with meaningless appointments.  Our kids have lots of free time to get into trouble and fight and make up with each other.  What I disagree with is that no where in that article does he talk about family or taking care of children.  He is single and living only for himself.  I imagine that left this way, his regret at the end of life would not be a complaint of having not done enough as he says near the end of the piece, but rather leaving nothing behind that lives into the future.  

You can be un-busy and still plan.  Not everything has to be spur of the moment to prove how free your mind and spirit can fly.  I think homeschoolers get this more often because a lot of the time, we find unexpected lessons in the ordinary things that we do each day.  Learning becomes part of the living instead of living to go to school and learn from a standard curriculum that everyone follows.  

Busy can be a relative term here.  We can be busy learning for far more hours a day than a normal student but it will not be sitting at a desk staring out the window at the child making faces as the author jokes.  Then, there are those days where absolutely no actual school work is done because we are all just sitting around making faces at each other until an inspiration for a game or web search comes along and everyone is off in their own direction.  Sometimes we just sit around doing nothing.  I think the busy and the living and learning is all in the attitude.  If you are doing something you love, it is not labeled work and you work your backside off doing it because it is fun ;-)  

If you are working non-stop on something for a short amount of time because you have an inspiration, you can call that busy.  It doesn't mean that you will be consumed for extended periods of time.  Inspiration comes in spurts and so does living and learning.  Find a field that inspires your imagination and pursue your passions there.  Life is not all about work though.  Grow a family and you will find inspiration in your children and they will learn to find their own passions just like you.  Someone once told me that rarely does someone get to the end of life and complain that they should have had fewer children.  I will probably not cure cancer or build the next great invention, but I can inspire my children to think in that direction and they can inspire their children to think bigger as well.

I guess I'm saying that you should encourage passion for learning and forget about the busy part.  We all go through seasons in life.  Busy is not necessarily a bad thing if you have the right attitude and passion.  If you are busy for the sake of busy doing things that don't grow your mind and spirit, then busy is pointless.  Be busy doing things that inspire you! :-)
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