There are some technologies that have such strong "street cred", they are effectively untouchable. Anyone who dares imply that they are deficient in any way is instantly labelled an uneducated moron. ...
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I grew up on VMS and Unix, where the motto was always "Best tool for the job". VMS had a very easy to use common calling interface, so it was normal to write different parts of your software in different languages and use different libraries, and Unix was designed to chain small command line tools together, these mechanisms encourage you to find the best tool for the job and not expect one tool or one language to do everything.
This de-constructionist view ultimately gives a breadth to the platform, as individuals can focus on delivering the best within a constrained function set, it also allows developers to hook into the workflow, as it has been reduced to a number of smaller steps, and this gives an opportunity to replace one of the steps with their own.
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