I'm going to be in Manchester, UK on July 9th. I was originally supposed to give a #dartlang  talk at a GDG, but it fell through. Can anyone help me get together a group of programmers for a Dart talk or a YouTube and Ruby on Rails talk?
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Feel like I should be really useful here - but unfortunately I'm still far better attached to the groups where I used to live than to any groups around the Manchester area.

You could try asking +Manchester GTUG I've never actually made it to a meeting so don't know how active the group is.

Most of the events I keep meaning to go to are at +MadLab - the groups listed there should at least give you more potential contacts to ask if you get completely stumped - off the top of my head I've not heard of a Manchester javascript/frontend group though.

Let me know if you're doing a public talk - I didn't manage to make any of the #dartlang ones at IO.
Doh - this GDG/GTUG terminology keeps confusing me, so it seems that's out
+Paul Rawlings and +***** might know some tech groups in and around Newcastle who could accommodate.
+Manoj Ranaweera might know some developer groups that can help find you space for a talk if you need to stay in Manchester.
+***** and +Dom Hodgson ( +Dom Hodgson ) are also big in the scene around Leeds so they might be able to help set up or find someone to host a Dart event.
+Ian Forrester up in Manchester might be able to help find an event that you could speak at as well
Thanks for all your help, guys! I'm right about to board a plane to Dublin, Ireland. It'd be totally awesome if this all came together!
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