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Shannon Adelson
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"One" sweet shot
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+Danny S+Paul Howard+John Getchel+Elizabeth Hahn+Darla Hueske
Some of you may already recognize the location... 😜
But for those that don't, this is Fremont Street in Las Vegas. All I can say is, my, oh my, you definitely see some unusual things down there!
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"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it."
~ Greg Anderson

I had the great privilege of meeting +Ron Clifford in person last weekend, and he definitely embodies the concept of living life to the fullest in every moment. Equally comfortable in a classroom, or leading a caravan of crazy photographers through the desert, Ron was always a beacon of energy that everyone quickly found themselves drawn to. His magnetic personality made us all want to get a little closer, learn a little more, and experience things in the unique way he sees them. There were so many memorable moments, and enough smiles and laughter to last for many months to come...

I could go on all day about his generosity of spirit, his humility, or his incredible sense of humor. But what I'll probably remember most is his boundless positive energy. He radiates a powerful vibe that says, we are all artists in this together, so let's go have some fun! And I assure you, not only did we have fun and share some new experiences, but I believe all of our lives were enriched simply by being exposed to his creative way of thinking living.

If you'd like to know more about the remarkable adventures we all had in Nevada, make sure to click on the hashtag #tgsmu15  so you can follow along and be a part of these stories as they continue to unfold.

#lasvegas   #nevada   #valleyoffire   #desert  
#desertphotography   #portrait   #portraitphotography  
#scavengerhunt   #tgsmu15   #hqspportraits  
#monochrome   #blackandwhitephotography   
#inspiration   #education   #learning  
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+Elizabeth Lund+Marjorie McDonald
Yeah that +Ron Clifford​ guy is definitely one of a kind!

Many thanks for the re-share +Anja Wessels​.
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Shannon Adelson

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ask, and ye shall receive...

Thank you so much for the wonderful summary +Ayoub Khote​ my taste buds are dripping with anticipation. Having recently joined the gym, and watching my calories carefully, I'm kind of glad this is only available in the UK, otherwise I might lose the battle with temptation. But I really appreciate you taking one for the team, so we can all live vicariously! I will admire the deliciousness from a safe distance...
The Krispy Kreme Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Doughnut 

Because +matthew rappaport posted about them being only available in the UK, and +Shannon Adelson wanted pictures, I went over to my local Krispy Kreme and picked up a few.

Now, let me tell you about them... The crispy, nutty chunks on the top add a very pleasant crunch to the beautifully smooth peanut butter within. The chocolate is sweet, with just enough of a bitter note to let you know it's good chocolate. The doughnut itself is soft and fluffy, with enough of a glaze that the sweetness permeates without becoming overpowering.

The experience is more than the sum of its parts; Krispy Kreme doughnuts are delicious, and Reese's peanut butter cups are delicious, but this marriage of the two is like eating a Reese's peanut butter cup on a cloud, floating in a clear sky... It's the ultimate Reese's experience!

It is the doughnut nirvana that is beyond even Homer Simpson's wildest dreams.

Worth a flight over from the US, I'd say!

For more information:

Yes, they are that good!
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+Christina Mahon Stasik - Both... :P
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The Great Scavenger Hunt Meetup
Las Vegas, NV

As I'm sure you can imagine, getting 130 photographers together, wandering around the desert during the day, and partying through the night without sleep can be just a bit tiring... So you have to grab a nap when you can, and in this case +Paul Howard plopped right down at the edge of a cliff and reflected on the beauty of nature around him.

Gorgeous clear skies, coupled with the bright warm sunshine, gave us perfect weather for exploring. Make sure you click on the hashtag #tgsmu15  so you can see more of where we went and what we did. Would you like to join the +Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt adventures, and participate with us? Then make sure to watch your stream tomorrow for announcements about the next Hunt.

In the meantime, take a few minutes to watch this heartwarmingly comical video from the opening ceremonies...

#desert   #lasvegas   #nevada   #valleyoffire   #scavengerhunt   
#googleplusphotos   #googleplusphotographers   #photography   #fun  
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Yeah, that's it +Shannon Adelson! I'm solar powered!!!!
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Have him in circles
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"The secret of concentration is the secret of self-discovery. You reach inside yourself to discover your personal resources, and what it takes to match them to the challenge."
~ Arnold Palmer

Every week I see +steph wanamaker re-sharing images for the #gingerthursday  theme, but I never had anything to contribute...until now! While we were in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago (with 130 other photographers), there was a little commissary across from the hotel, where everyone enjoyed lunch at the outdoor patio. One day I observed this young lady intently focused on her iPhone. So I took the opportunity to grab a quick snap, with the intention of finally having something to add to the #gingerthursday  theme. If you'd like to see more images from our Las Vegas adventures, make sure to click on the #tgsmu15  hashtag, and review all of the exciting people and places we encountered.

+HQSP Portraits curated by +Anja Wessels +Heiko Köster +Ryan Ottaway Martin #HQSPPortraits #portrait   #portraitphotography   #streetphotography  
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great shot
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"We learn the rope of life by untying its knots."
~ Jean Toomer

The #MacroMonday  mini-theme this week is "intersection", and while I was at the botanical gardens recently, I came across this unusual branch next to one of the orchid displays. The vines all grew in these twisted curls, weaving in and out, and all around one another. So I'll leave it to the puzzle masters +Jeff Moreau+Sandra Parlow, +Wendy Baker, and +Julie B  to figure out how it unwinds...  

+HQSP Macro curated by +Anja Wessels +Terrie Gray +Stefanie Schächtel +Igor Schevchenko +Ernest Fdez. +Thies Groden #hqspmacro 
+MacroAddict curated by +Sandrine Berjonneau +Didier Caron #macroaddict 
#curlytwists   #vines   #garden   #gardening  
#googleplusphotos   #googleplusphotographers  
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+Wendy Baker+Marie Cadoret+Nina Katajamaki+Sumit Sen+Julie B+Stuart Dyckhoff+Manuel Schneider+Windy Sawczyn+Jeff Moreau+MacroAddict Best Of
Thanks so much for the lovely comments! Sometimes I take for granted that flowers are not the only thing to shoot in the greenhouse... Definitely will be keeping my eyes open for other interesting subjects!
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Shannon Adelson

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Happy Birthday! +Elizabeth Lund 
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Thank you +Tom Tran​ really appreciate it!
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"I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes."
~ e. e. cummings

By special request of +Kathleen Kent I took a trip to the local botanical gardens to see the Blue Poppies. Previous to this visit I knew very little about them, but luckily the gardener filled me in on some of the mysteries surrounding these blooms. Despite the crowd of photographers waiting in line with tripods and macro lenses to get in close to these flowers before they are gone, I managed to grab a few quick frames yesterday to share here. 

+HQSP Flowers curated by +Anja Wessels +Krystina Isabella Brion +Melania Pierce +Kanlaya Chungsangornpornsuk +Wayne Lu +Iva Pas #hqspflowers #poppies   #poppy   #blue   #flowers   #flowerphotography   #floralphotography   #googleplusphotos   #googleplusphotographers  
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The Great Scavenger Meet Up 2015
Las Vegas, NV

When you first arrive in Sin City, you expect to be overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of devious debauchery and delightful decadence. But when you travel to Vegas and meet up with a hundred or more photographers, somehow the dynamic changes considerably, and endless buffets and slot machines are the last things on your mind.

Prior to last weekend, many of the photographers I had befriended over the past few years (here on Google+) I had never actually met in person. But thanks to +Chrysta Rae (and +Nancy Levan) that all changed quite dramatically, and so many of us experienced an indescribable bond like we’d been best friends for years. +Chrysta Rae has been known to say that the Hunt is “the most fun you can have with your camera”. But it is so much more than that! The photography community here on Google+ is more like a family. 

The people in this Scavenger Hunt community are some of the most generous and gracious individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to interact with. We come from all walks of life, all skill levels, and from all around the World. Some were shooting with expensive professional gear, and others with a simple cell phone and a dream. Guidance was offered, stories were swapped, techniques were shared, and lots of other tips and tricks throughout our weekend full of wandering desert adventures and frolicking Fremont Street frivolity. 

I left Las Vegas with so many amazing memories, and I plan to continue sharing them with you over the coming weeks. But for now, I’d like to give you a glimpse into the incredible learning opportunities we were exposed to by marvelous mentors including +Robin Griggs Wood +Ron Clifford +Pam Boling +Mark Rodriguez +Sam Breach and +Alan Shapiro

Although the portrait wizard in the photo below needs no introduction, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you for the experience of getting to know you, as you shared your wisdom with all of us. Here are my takeaways...


don’t be afraid to take risks, and make big glorious mistakes, because those “happy accidents” might be a sign you’re on the right path

photography is like cooking: find the ingredients you like, and create delicious recipes to match your taste

aim to inspire others as much as (or more than) they’ve inspired you

open your eyes and really SEE what’s around you, observing from every angle

keep a journal, and note which experiments worked best, so you can do it again

I feel confident that everyone in attendance learned a little something from everyone else around them. I know I did! And that journey continues every day, as I seek out new inspiration, to better understand my own style, and further focus my efforts on achieving my personal and professional goals. 

For more information make sure to check out the other posts attached to the the #tgsmu15  hashtag. If you have any questions about our Las Vegas experience, don’t hesitate to ask any of us. If you find something useful in all of our ramblings, please feel free to share this post with your own friends and followers.

#lasvegas   #nevada   #portrait   #streetphotography   #hqspportraits  
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Looking good Alan Shapiro, beautiful shot Shannon Adelson!
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The Great Scavenger Hunt Meetup
Las Vegas, NV

You might have noticed I didn't post here much over the last few days, and that's because my wife and I were away attending an epic event in Las Vegas. For the last few years, I've been participating in +Chrysta Rae's Photography Scavenger Hunt here on G+.  Last weekend over 100 of these photographers gathered in the desert to meet each other for the first time in real life. It was absolutely surreal, getting to know people we had previously only interacted with online. I can't even begin to describe the overwhelming emotions experienced during these few incredible days. Suffice to say, my wife says she saw me smile more with this group than in all of the last decade!

There will be many more stories to share, but just so you don't miss any of them, make sure you are watching the hashtag  #tgsmu15  so you can follow our adventures. Maybe you'd like to join us next time? Then be sure to follow +Chrysta Rae's post this Saturday when the next Hunt signups will be announced. You can find more information about that here:

I've got some more unpacking to do, and also need to catch up on laundry and other household duties. But rest assured, there will be many more images from our Vegas activities over the coming days. I look forward to sharing all of our crazy days and fun-filled nights with you all very soon, so stay tuned! 

#desert   #lasvegas   #nevada   #strikeapose   #scavengerhunt  
#googleplusphotos   #googleplusphotographers  
#photography   #fun  
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Thanks for signing me up! +Saji Saju​ Looking forward to the next round...
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Have him in circles
30,274 people
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Audio-Visual Multi-Media Explorer
Musician | Photographer | Social Media Enthusiast

By day I work in Business Development & Marketing for an online retailer.  Some of the sandboxes I get to play in include Email Marketing, Affiliate Management, Social Media Marketing, Copy Writing, Copy Editing, Proofreading, SEO, and Google Analytics.

At night and on weekends I prefer a more creative playground, where I can experiment with Digital Photography & Photoshop.  I take my camera with me everywhere I go, but am finally starting to learn to take fewer shots and instead compose images before clicking the shutter.  As time permits, I enjoy sharing images in the +Daily Photography Themes.  I met a number of amazing photographers in this community, and constantly find new inspiration. Want to know what we talk about? Thanks to +Jari Huomo you can easily browse through some of the best conversations from my page.

Other places you might occasionally find me online include Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Klout just to name a few.

I regularly participate in +Chrysta Rae’s Photography Scavenger Hunt, which I highly recommend not only for learning more about your own photography, but for making lots of new friends.  Here are just a few of the incredible people with whom I have the pleasure of interacting: +Chrysta Rae +Alan Shapiro +Kimberly Pemberton +Gary Munroe +Mel Peifer +Eustace James +Gilmar Smith +Mark Rodriguez +LaDonna Pride +GeneBowker If you are interested in learning more about the Hunt, and perhaps wish to view some photos from the latest adventure, check out this post!

I'm also involved in the Public Circles Project

If you appreciate Creativity, and want to fill your stream with Art and Beauty, make sure you circle:

+Louisa Catharine Forsyth +Ray Bilcliff +Christina Lawrie +Vivienne Gucwa +Mihailo Radičević

Learn about the Public Circles Project:

The original post already reached the 500-comment limit, so a new post has been started by +JarekKlimek.

And if you are new to G+, and need assistance getting started, this amazing resource from +Paul Spoerry aggregates a number of extremely helpful resources all in one place.

Bragging rights
I've been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years now. I have lived in over 15 States, and have traveled extensively throughout the US.
Basic Information
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Car Sense has a very comfortable hospitality suite, complete with refreshments and free WiFi. The repair process can often be confusing and full of anxiety; but Scott left me feeling like I was in good hands, clarifying all the details and simplifying the paperwork I had to deal with. Even when I'm only there for a routine oil change, the staff is always friendly and helpful. These folks understand that an excellent Customer Service experience brings loyal patrons back over and over again. THANK YOU Scott (and the Car Sense staff) for taking such good care of my vehicle!
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