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Shannon Adelson
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Shannon Adelson

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Dreaming Dahlia

#FridaysAreBokehlicious , so I would be remiss if I didn't submit a pic to one of my favorite themes...  If you like #bokehphotography , then make sure to click on one of these hashtags, to see other examples of #bokeh  in your stream. Hope to see you join the rest of us #bokeholics  including savvy snappers like +Leo Deegan +Paul Moody +Robin Griggs Wood +Lauri Novak +Angie Smith +Wesly Smith +Michael B. Stuart +Art through the Apeture Photography and many more...

+ColorsOnFriday curated by +Karsten Meyer +Britta Rogge #ColorsOnFriday 
 +FloralFriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman +Eustace James +Kiki Nelson #floralfriday 
+HQSP Flowers curated by +Anja Wessels +kaatje jansen +Melania Pierce +Kanlaya Chungsangornpornsuk +Wayne Lu +Iva Pas #hqspflowers 
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So beautiful
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Shannon Adelson

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"Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality."
~ Shawn Ashmore

+PortraitTuesday curated by +Laura Balc +Tana Teel #PortraitTuesday 
+HQSP Portraits curated by +Anja Wessels +Heiko Köster +Frank Nöthe #HQSPPortraits 
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Indeed my pleasure... Dear frnd.. And total agree.. Google plus notification does not work well... Many time.. It miss many notification to show.. ✌ blessings +Shannon Adelson​
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Shannon Adelson

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Shannon ur models r going to have party home , they gave u something to eat ?
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Shannon Adelson

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"If you can't be in awe of Mother Nature, there's something wrong with you."
~ Alex Trebek

+Tree Tuesday curated by +Christina Lawrie +Allan Cabrera +Ralph Mendoza +Kim Troutman +David R Robinson #TreeTuesday 
+PortraitTuesday curated by +Laura Balc +Tana Teel #PortraitTuesday 
+HQSP Portraits curated by +Anja Wessels +Heiko Köster +Frank Nöthe #HQSPPortraits 
#model   #modeling   #fashion   #glamour  
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Great portrait and tree!  Thanks for sharing with #treetuesday +Tree Tuesday!
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Shannon Adelson

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"A great accomplishment shouldn't be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward."
~ Harvey Mackay

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a Car Show that was hosted by one of the local fire departments. This chrome bulldog was the hood ornament on one of the classic fire trucks they had on display. I framed a shot with the trees in the background and a shallow depth of field, to maximize the #bokeh  effect in the scene. #FridaysAreBokehlicious , so if you are into #bokehphotography  then this is definitely the right day to share your #bokehlicious  imagery with the rest of the #bokeholics  including +Paul Moody +Leo Deegan +Dave Besbris +Robin Griggs Wood +Michael B. Stuart +Kathleen Kent +Art through the Aperture Photography +Lauri Novak and many more fellow travelers on the Focus Freeway....
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Great observation +Pierre Renee and funny too! 
I might have to use that moniker next time...
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Shannon Adelson

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I haven't shared a video in a while, and just last night I had the privilege of watching this guy play at a small club in downtown Wilmington, Delaware. In my experience, I've always found that no matter what genre a musician specializes in, most of them have benefitted greatly from classical training of one type or another. And I love when people take creativity to the next level, interpreting old pieces through new technology. Give it a listen, and if you like what you hear, please SHARE THE VIDEO with your friends, and let's help this guitar player get some more attention for his talents!

#guitar   #electricguitar   #bach   #music   #musician   #classicalmusic   #creativity  
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Shannon Adelson

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Shannon Adelson

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Yeah, I guess I'm a little late in wishing you all a Happy New Year... Well, lots of interesting stuff happened in the last quarter of 2015, and it has taken me a while to process it all. I took a brief hiatus from social media, in an attempt to get some clarity about my priorities, and the direction in which my career is heading. Anyway, I'm trying to get back on track with posting stuff here, so there's no better day than today to start. And since Friday is host to one of my very favorite themes, I offer you #BeerBokeh , because #FridaysAreBokehlicious !

I noticed a significant drop in my follower count, probably due to the fact that I haven't posted in almost a month. So I'm not sure who will even see my posts anymore. Nevertheless, I need to take a moment and extend best wishes to my fellow #bokeholics , who have carried the proverbial #bokeh  torch faithfully in my absence. Even though I wasn't posting on my personal profile, I have been monitoring the stream of certain community groups, as well as curating part-time for the HQSP Animals theme. So I may have commented on a few of your posts along the way, even if my own page stayed empty during that time. 

Little by little, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, and hopefully will be able to post more frequently in the near future. So without further ado, many thanks to my blurry besties from the #bokehphotography  community:
+Leo Deegan +Paul Moody +Robin Griggs Wood +Lauri Novak +Elizabeth Hahn +Art through the Aperture Photography +Wesly Smith +Angie Smith +Michael B. Stuart +Nicole H +John Getchel +Dawn Siadatan +Rebecca Johnson +Wendy Chase +Melissa Beagle 

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Same thing happened to me, lost the fire somewhat, but trying hard to regain it
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Shannon Adelson

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"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."
~ William Arthur Ward

#FridaysAreBokehlicious  and as such I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't share some glorious golden #bokeh  glamour with y'all. Earlier this week I met these two sisters, and their photo shoot was epic, full of shenanigans and tomfoolery. For the most part, they posed themselves, and generally frolicked about on the sidewalk with the city streets glowing in the background. I rarely photograph  teenagers, but I was pleasantly surprised by how remarkably well they felt at ease in front of my lens. I'm grateful that I was able to capture a couple of magical moments for their parents.

If you like #bokehphotography  then make sure to click on these hashtags, so you can see more fantastic imagery from talented #bokeholics  like +Leo Deegan +Paul Moody +Robin Griggs Wood +Michael B. Stuart +Kathleen Kent +Lauri Novak +Elizabeth Hahn  and many more open aperture aficionados!

+HQSP Portraits curated by +Anja Wessels +Heiko Köster +Frank Nöthe #HQSPPortraits #modeling   #glamour   #beauty   #sisters  
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Omg.. Its like a movie shot... The mood.. ✌
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Shannon Adelson

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This is what happens if you don't run away fast enough, and the zombies get a little too close for comfort... I'm not sure if they were more interested in the camera or some brains, but I didn't want to stick around to find out!

#halloween   #halloween2015   #halloweenparty  
#hauntedhouse   #zombies  
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Shannon Adelson

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Love the softness of this portrait +Shannon Adelson  Great job!
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Shannon Adelson

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"To boldly go where no beer bokeh has gone before..."

Cheers! The weekend is almost here, and so I toast my fellow #bokeholics  as we celebrate this #bokehlicious  beverage. 
+Leo Deegan +Paul Moody +Robin Griggs Wood +Art through the Aperture Photography +Michael B. Stuart +Lauri Novak +Kathleen Kent +Elizabeth Hahn and anyone else who wants to join us at the local  #bokehphotography  bar...
#FridaysAreBokehlicious  so grab your favorite brew and raise a glass to the #bokeh  that goes down smooth with a sublime flavor palette for your eyes. Happy Friday!
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Thank you so much! +Beena R​
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Audio-Visual Multi-Media Explorer
Musician | Photographer | Social Media Enthusiast

By day I work in Business Development & Marketing for an online retailer.  Some of the sandboxes I get to play in include Email Marketing, Affiliate Management, Social Media Marketing, Copy Writing, Copy Editing, Proofreading, SEO, and Google Analytics.

At night and on weekends I prefer a more creative playground, where I can experiment with Digital Photography & Photoshop.  I take my camera with me everywhere I go, but am finally starting to learn to take fewer shots and instead compose images before clicking the shutter.  As time permits, I enjoy sharing images in the +Daily Photography Themes.  I met a number of amazing photographers in this community, and constantly find new inspiration. Want to know what we talk about? Thanks to +Jari Huomo you can easily browse through some of the best conversations from my page.

Other places you might occasionally find me online include Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Klout just to name a few.

I regularly participate in +Chrysta Rae’s Photography Scavenger Hunt, which I highly recommend not only for learning more about your own photography, but for making lots of new friends.  Here are just a few of the incredible people with whom I have the pleasure of interacting: +Chrysta Rae +Alan Shapiro +Kimberly Pemberton +Gary Munroe +Mel Peifer +Eustace James +Gilmar Smith +Mark Rodriguez +LaDonna Pride +GeneBowker If you are interested in learning more about the Hunt, and perhaps wish to view some photos from the latest adventure, check out this post!

I'm also involved in the Public Circles Project

If you appreciate Creativity, and want to fill your stream with Art and Beauty, make sure you circle:

+Louisa Catharine Forsyth +Ray Bilcliff +Christina Lawrie +Vivienne Gucwa +Mihailo Radičević

Learn about the Public Circles Project:

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And if you are new to G+, and need assistance getting started, this amazing resource from +Paul Spoerry aggregates a number of extremely helpful resources all in one place.

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I've been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years now. I have lived in over 15 States, and have traveled extensively throughout the US.
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Car Sense has a very comfortable hospitality suite, complete with refreshments and free WiFi. The repair process can often be confusing and full of anxiety; but Scott left me feeling like I was in good hands, clarifying all the details and simplifying the paperwork I had to deal with. Even when I'm only there for a routine oil change, the staff is always friendly and helpful. These folks understand that an excellent Customer Service experience brings loyal patrons back over and over again. THANK YOU Scott (and the Car Sense staff) for taking such good care of my vehicle!
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