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Shannon Adelson
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"A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasurable."
~Louis Kahn

It has been my great pleasure to compete with +April Hill today as we explored the theme "Architecture". Many thanks also to +Tamara Pruessner for the opportunity to participate in her awesome #PhotographyDeathMatch  theme. It has been a huge learning experience for me, and I'm grateful I got to absorb so much about a new genre. Although at times during the previous week it felt like cramming for final exams, I'm finally able to say I'm happy with how things turned out, and I look forward to further investigating this niche in the future.

If you missed our previous bouts today, here's a recap with links to all of the posts:

+April Hill 
Round One

Round Two

Round Three

+Shannon Adelson 
Round One

Round Two 

Round Three

#architecture   #architecturephotography   #architectureyesterdayandtomorrow   #philadelphia   #cityhall   #monochromeworld   #monochromephotography  
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Thank you so much! +Yasmin Simpson It was a little weird at first (shooting something that wasn't people or flowers), but I think I eventually got the hang of it...
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"I call architecture frozen music."
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today I have the pleasure of participating in my very first Photography Death Match. About a week ago when +Tamara Pruessner assigned the category "Architecture" I was terrified, having never shot a single frame in this genre. I spent hours looking for tutorials on YouTube, and Googling examples of established photographers to better understand this niche.

Like my opponent +April Hill I was challenged by Mother Nature throwing obstacles in our way. On Monday I spent the morning in Wilmington, Delaware trying to find a shot between raindrops. But the rain never let up, and when I got home to look at the images on the computer, they were all "craptastic". (Many thanks to +Christina Lawrie for enlightening me about that fabulous phrase.)

Tuesday I spent the afternoon in Baltimore, but heavy winds and stormy skies continued to plague my outdoor adventures. I had a few monuments and landmarks that I wanted to perhaps include in this challenge, but alas, returned home with nothing I could be proud of.

So when Wednesday arrived (the day before the match), I knew I had to get something rain or shine. I traveled to Philadelphia in hopes of finding my muse, and finally got some decent weather to work with. So the attached shot is from yesterday in Philly. This staircase is at the entryway to the Union League club on Broad Street.

After a week of waiting nervously, the battle has begun...
#PhotographyDeathMatch  "Architecture #1"

Please take a moment and click on over to see the opening punch from my opponent +April Hill as we continue our sparring throughout the day today. Her approach was quite clever, and in addition to thinking outside the box, she also included a very informative Wiki link to understand more about the nuts and bolts of our topic. The direct link to her first post is here:

+Architectural Visions curated by +Joel Tjintjelaar +Julia Anna Gospodarou #ArchitecturalVisions
+ARCHITECTURE YESTERDAY - TOMORROW curated by +Edith Kukla #architectureyesterdayandtomorrow
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I was crouched down low, to get the perspective of leading the eye upward +Christopher Germano Thank you for the kind words. Would love to see your shots of this too, I didn't take any at night.
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Shannon Adelson

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Good Morning, Plus Peeps!

Today we celebrate the Birthday of a wonderful photographer from Vietnam, +Mai Huong. For the last couple of years I've had the pleasure of enjoying her beautiful images in my stream, while learning more about her culture. She is definitely gifted with an eye for photography, finding beauty in everything around her. Even seemingly mundane subjects take on a special character once in front of her lens. 

Here are just a few of my favorites:

Portrait of an Old Man

Puppy in the Woods

California Seascape

PlusOne Collection Portrait

River Reflection

If Mai isn't already in your Circles, head on over there now and check out her wonderful selection of imagery.

Happy Birthday! +Mai Huong 

[NOT MY PHOTO. Comments are disabled here. Please leave your feedback and plus love on her original posts. Thanks!]
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Daylight Illumination

During my walk through the City of Philadelphia on Wednesday, I came across this unusual lamp post, and immediately thought of +Nancy Battis Vita so I grabbed a quick snap to add for her #lamppostlove  theme. 

We are headed to DC tomorrow to enjoy the Cherry Blossom festival. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
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I prefer it like this to the entire face +Shannon Adelson :)
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"Architecture begins where engineering ends."
~Walter Gropius

As you might have heard already, I am in the ring today with opponent +April Hill as we compete in the #PhotographyDeathMatch  for the theme: ARCHITECTURE. This is another shot from downtown Philadelphia. I'm sure you can imagine that a busy City street during a weekday has all kinds of traffic, both pedestrian and vehicle. So I had to be patient, and crouch near the ground for quite some time, waiting for the perfect moment when neither people nor cars blocked my path. Here is the result of that effort. Hope you like it!

I tried a version of this in B&W, but the blue sky and the brick building reflected from the background made me want to keep the color. I never knew there were so many beautiful buildings here, until I was forced to look at them in a different way (from behind the lens). I can't think how many times I must've driven by places like this and never given it a second look...

This is Round Two.
You can see the corresponding shot from +April Hill here:

And if you are just learning about the competition now, feel free to browse through our previous one here:

Round One between +April Hill and myself....



Many thanks to +Tamara Pruessner for creating this event/theme, and encouraging us all to branch out beyond our comfort zones and adventure into unexplored territory. If you think this is something you might like to try also, make sure and check out Tam's community. You can ask for an invitation here:
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Leading Lines are apparently a major component in both photography and architecture +Tamara Pruessner so I simply had to include at least one example, right?
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+Lauri Novak +Jeremy Albright 
Oh yeah, "creepy" is definitely the right word for it. Imagine walking down the street and seeing these guys on the other side of the crosswalk? Thank goodness it was for the cosplay event in town.... This was yet another image from our recent photo walk in New Hope (PA) during the +Drink and Click™ Philadelphia event visiting the Steampunk Fantasy Faire.
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Are you ready to RUMBLE?

Nope, sorry, not just yet... In a few more days, +April Hill and I will face off against one another in the latest #PhotographyDeathMatch . Click through the link below to get all the details from +Tamara Pruessner's post. April and I have been tasked with shooting "Architecture", a category with which both of us are entirely unfamiliar. I've spent the last few days studying, trying to come up with ideas for the match, while she's down in New Orleans partying preparing her own images.  

The weather wasn't very cooperative today, pouring rain since dawn and hasn't stopped yet. But I'll be out again first thing tomorrow morning, looking for some magical interiors and exteriors to shoot for Thursday's competition....

Keep your fingers crossed, 'cause I need all the luck I can get!
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Good Morning, Plus Peeps!

Only a day away, and I'm still not feeling confident about this. Tam obviously put a lot of thought into what she assigned us, which definitely puts us both on an equal footing +April Hill
I'm sure we'll both put our heart and soul into it, and hopefully entertain our fans along the way.
+Marilyn Benham Thank you so much for the warm wishes! Sorry about your gut; I really thought April would throw a pillow at you too.

Seriously though, this is a lot tougher than I ever expected, and with only one day left I'm still learning my way through it. No matter who 'wins', I love you all for your compassion and support throughout my time in this community.

PS. +April Hill I don't think of you as an underdog, but that's not necessarily a bad thing... Just ask the members of the March Madness brackets whose upsets messed with everyone's gambling odds.
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Are the streets of your town safe?

Cosplay actors from all around the East Coast gathered in New Hope, Pennsylvania yesterday for the Steampunk Fantasy Faire. There was a wide variety of costumes, ranging from traditional elements reminiscent of the industrial revolution all the way to modern day steampunk pirates. 

I attended the event with other photographers from the +Drink and Click™ Philadelphia posse, and although I didn't get much drinking done, I grabbed a bunch of character portraits. I'll be editing over the next few days to share with you all, and also looking forward to seeing the imagery from fellow shooters +Jeremy Albright +Nancy Battis Vita +Alan Allum +dPHender son and +Rachael Switalski. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for dinner, and missed the opportunity to catch up with +rich e. miller +reggie miller and +Stacey Heritage, a deficiency I hope to rectify in the near future.

I knew very little about the steampunk movement before yesterday, but I learned quite a lot hanging out after the performance with the cast and crew of one of the theatre troupes. Many of the actors and actresses actually make their own costumes, which were quite interesting and detailed. I saw lots of gears and goggles, belts, buttons and weaponry of all shapes and sizes. In the coming days I'll share additional shots of what I witnessed. In the meantime, make sure to check out the streams of all the other shooters above, as I expect they'll have documented the festivities even better than I.

If you live or work in the greater Philadelphia area, it would be awesome to see you at one of these events, so make sure to add +Drink and Click™ Philadelphia to your circles, and keep an eye on their page for updates on events and activities like the one yesterday.

#steampunk   #steampunkfashion   #cosplay   #fantasy  
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+Shannon Adelson we will have to rectify that.
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Have him in circles
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By day I work in Business Development & Marketing for an online retailer.  Some of the sandboxes I get to play in include Email Marketing, Affiliate Management, Social Media Marketing, Copy Writing, Copy Editing, Proofreading, SEO, and Google Analytics.

At night and on weekends I prefer a more creative playground, where I can experiment with Digital Photography & Photoshop.  I take my camera with me everywhere I go, but am finally starting to learn to take fewer shots and instead compose images before clicking the shutter.  As time permits, I enjoy sharing images in the +Daily Photography Themes.  I met a number of amazing photographers in this community, and constantly find new inspiration. Want to know what we talk about? Thanks to +Jari Huomo you can easily browse through some of the best conversations from my page.

Other places you might occasionally find me online include Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Klout just to name a few.

I regularly participate in +Chrysta Rae’s Photography Scavenger Hunt, which I highly recommend not only for learning more about your own photography, but for making lots of new friends.  Here are just a few of the incredible people with whom I have the pleasure of interacting: +Chrysta Rae +Alan Shapiro +Kimberly Pemberton +Gary Munroe +Mel Peifer +Eustace James +Gilmar Smith +Mark Rodriguez +LaDonna Pride +GeneBowker If you are interested in learning more about the Hunt, and perhaps wish to view some photos from the latest adventure, check out this post!

I'm also involved in the Public Circles Project

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And if you are new to G+, and need assistance getting started, this amazing resource from +Paul Spoerry aggregates a number of extremely helpful resources all in one place.

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