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( Please share - spread some love - Their are Pets that need Support, Adoption, Fosters, or Donations)

Day of the Dogs is a 501c3 non-profit organization currently based out of Houston, TX that is focused on reducing euthanasia of homeless animals in shelters. We have chosen to focus our efforts on the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, TX to aide the shelter in increasing their live release rates on a monthly basis.

Day of the Dogs mission is to connect, support and educate:
- We educate the public about the animals in need at the Harris County Animal Shelter through our Facebook Page
- We support local and out of state rescues to donations given by our page followers for the costs incurred (vet costs, training and boarding)
- We connect adopters to animals in rescue programs through animal showcase events around Houston
- We connect adopters to animals in rescue programs through our Dogs for Adoption page on our website
- We connect homeless animals with new loving families here in Houston and nationwide willing to offer a loving forever home by providing transport to and from the shelter
- We connect local and out of state rescues and adopters to foster homes or temporary boarding in Houston
- We connect homeless dogs to vetted rescue partners and no kill shelters in other states via transport
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Check out our new "Ask the Expert" +Mike Blackmore and +Julia Muller were pretty awesome!!
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Did you know that you can add household income to your geographic targeting for search ads?  We have found this very useful for narrowing down your target audience for luxury brands.  We have used this with high-end apparel, pianos, luxury vacations, home furnishings, etc.

Do you use additional targeting with your search ads?

#demographics   #luxury   #ppctips  
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Video Ads Rock.

Did you know that a view on your video ad won't cost you anything if it's under 30 seconds?  That's right!  Video advertising is the best!  Get your brand and call to action in those first few seconds and you can get a partial view/click through to your site at no cost.  

*disclaimer, if your video is less than 30 seconds, you are charged if the full video is watched.
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What are you seeing with the Google changes?

I mentioned earlier this week that we were noticing positive results.  Our CPCs are down, positions are steady, CTR is way up, and Conversions have also increased! 

This has held true for both the big and little guys.  The idea that this was going to hurt the small business industry so far is not holding true with our portfolio.  This is pretty refreshing because I have to admit we were a bit nervous going into the week!

Hopefully the positive results will continue... Have the "non-managed" campaigns even discovered that they've fallen off the SERPs yet?  Who knows!

#theonlyconstantischange   #iloveppc   #googleknowswhattheyaredoing  
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I often find myself explaining to new clients how the hierarchy and structure works with Adwords.  Some get confused on why we structure an account the way we do.  By geography or by product line...  There are many reasons to segment campaigns.  I think this Google help article does a great job graphically of explaining campaign structure.  Feel free to pass along!

#adwordsstructure   #structureiseverything   #adwordstips  
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Looks like the news is true!!  The right side ads on Google have disappeared.  This will create a few new challenges for advertisers and a bit more competition to be seen!  

Please be checking and monitoring your campaigns for changes and drops in conversions over the next few days to weeks.  Adjustments will have to be made to strategies for sure!!

If you find yourself stuck or slipping, do not hesitate to reach out to and expert to get you back on top!  Good luck everyone with our ever evolving digital world.

#theonlyconstantischange   #adwordsstillrocks   #movingforward  
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PPC Quicklink - Remarketing

Do you ever have to explain remarketing to a client? How do you explain what it is and how it works?

I pretty much say that "Remarketing uses a cookie to basically follow around people on the display network that have previously visited your site." Remarketing is usually a no-brainer. If your client's site is eligible (not for lawyers, healthcare or sensitive topics), then you should be running at least a small remarketing campaign.

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PPC Quicklinks - Website Call Tracking

Most people are very familiar with the Adwords Call Tracking with a forwarding number that is part of the call extension process. Others are surprised to know that you can also track the phone calls once the user hits your site. With a small piece of code, you can have Google dynamically swap one main phone number on your site with a tracking number. This is a great way to keep gauging the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns!
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*Adwords Winter Special*

We are offering our low rate of $300/month (all inclusive, no set up fees) to any new clients or agencies that begin service in the rest of the month.

We are looking forward to meeting some new people and helping some new accounts. Please contact me directly for the special rate!
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