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Oh, and it's my 22nd birthday today!
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Ah to be 22 again, sigh Happy Birthday mate. Have a responsible on me. ;)
Bryce and Vlad... thanks!

But what happened to your faces? :O I see no profile picture :)
OMG my face!!!!, oh wait, there it is.
I forgot... it's your birthday the day after mine. Happy birthday, mate.
Likewise, I forgot about yours as well. Now that you mention it I remember you telling me a while back.

How was your day? Do anything interesting, or was it just more of a regular day?

I had an assignment due on the same day (same assignment mentioned in my last post) ... but it was strangely satisfying being able to finally hand it up.
I felt sick, and tried to play LotRO. Nothing else of note.
That reminds me... I recently gained access to my Steam account again after not being able to log in for a few months. If you are interested, we should play some TF2 one day.
I've never played TF2, but I'd be willing to give it a shot.
I think there's a way to play it for free now, with limited inventory. I bought it a few years ago when it first came out, so I haven't really looked into that offer myself, just read about it.
Happy birthday! When I think of all of the changes I've seen since I was 22, I wish I could be around long enough to see what kind of tech you'll be playing with when you're my age (I just turned 55 on the 1st).
Agreed. I'm fascinated with the latest technology. Guess I'll just have to settle for a lifetime's worth of it :)

Happy birthday for the 1st October. Didn't know yours was so close to my own!
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